Créons un espace dédié à l'Innovation Sociale à La Friche de la Belle de Mai !

Join us in the creation of a collaborative space, designed to help cultivate and advance the Social Economy!

Project visual Créons un espace dédié à l'Innovation Sociale à La Friche de la Belle de Mai !
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Made in Marseille supports the project Créons un espace dédié à l'Innovation Sociale à La Friche de la Belle de Mai !

Créons un espace dédié à l'Innovation Sociale à La Friche de la Belle de Mai !

Welcome everyone and welcome to the adventures of Inter-Made! 


Come along and participate in our journey of renewing the FIRST social innovation incubator in France, Inter-Made!




So here it is (in a nutshell)...We are full of values, full of projects and full of energy! But we lack the finances to develop our new space for all our projects.


Helping us to raise the funds necessary for the creation of this place entirely dedicated to the Social and Solidarity Economy is to participate in the emergence of a new collaborative space, adapted to the practices of the promoters.


Our vision is to strengthen the capacity of the incubator to generate ideas, dynamics, cooperation and to offer the community a real animation tool. This will also improve the reception conditions for project promoters and the work of our employees.




Inter-Made is an incubator which specializes in the Social Economy.  In fact, we are even THE 1st incubator specialized in the Social Economy in France!


But do you know what an incubator is? What is being done here? Or simply what is this Social Economy? Let us guide you through...



*full of projects


On a daily basis, our business consists of accompanying project leaders in order to create their project in a secure and effective way. Right from the inital 'idea' stage, Inter-Made carries them through each step, creating a market study, to the creation of legal statuses or the learning of sales techniques. Project sponsors also follow the collective training in order to appropriately give the skills and tools needed to create a solid business. The Inter-Made team also accompanies them individually in order to pave their creative process and ensure a personalized follow-up.



*full of values


Our incubator specializes in supporting project leaders wishing to be part of the values and practices of the Social Economy (democratic and participative governance, territorial anchoring, etc.). That is to say projects that seek to reconcile economic performance, solidarity and social utility. Here we have a true variety of projects, from a shared wood workshop, to a social science laboratory, and the creation of a city of agriculture, plus many more ... Our "incubates" are enriched with resources when it comes to imagining and experimenting with the economic models of tomorrow!


Inter-Made is therefore all about ambitious people who seek guidance from a qualified team of technical and human support who is also in line with values of goodwill and respect.



See for yourself how stunning we are!




Our Team (line by line, from left to right) : Julia, Bowel, Imane, Anne-Cécile, Cédric, Nunzia, Andréa, Imogène, Fatima, Fanny, and Laurent.



But its our project members who are the most beautiful!




Romain, Alain, and Jocelyn - Oléo Déclic - Collection and recovery of used edible oils in short circuits. Accompanied by Inter-Made in 2011, they have been our "cosy" roommates for nearly 6 years! - Check out their site





Marion - Cité de l'Agriculture - The objective of the Cité de l'Agriculture is to experiment a new economic and societal model by creating a place of life around agriculture in the city for the agro-ecological transition. Accompanied by Inter-Made in 2016 - Check out her site





Johanne and Laureline - L'oeil du Loup - Association for the Prevention of Violence and Discrimination, which intervenes in schools and in businesses. Accompanied by Inter-Made in 2016 - Check out their Facebook Page 





Clémentine and Jérôme - Enercoop PACA - Renewable electricity supplier. Accompanied by Inter-Made between 2010 and 2012, they have successfully grown and now have several hundred members! Check out their site





The Starter - 3 month course and accompaniment  to succesfully understand and construct a preliminary budget, define a commercial strategy, and find a legal status ... so that everything is in place and you are ready to launch your project! Check out our Starter Page



We are moving!



*no furniture



After 15 years of existence and more than 500 projects accompanied, 2017 is synonymous with renewal for Inter-Made. Time to change!


With the aim of enabling our project leaders to evolve in the best possible conditions, we will move at the end of April to La Friche de la Belle de Mai, a truely symbolic site of Marseille's dynamism.


Same team, same mission, but in an environment which favours creativity, helps concentration 

but also encourages the exchanges and mutualisation between our old, present and future actors of change.





It really is time for change, our current premises are tired, and it is time that Social Economy ceases to be synonymous with precariousness!

Our primary objective is therefore to improve the reception conditions for project promoters and employees. We are also convinced that this new space, will be more collaborative and more adapted to our practices. Giving our projects and future projects more opportunity to develop!





Our new premises have been designed by and for the users, namely that they have been conceived in order to meet the stakes of reception, inclusion and quality of the working environment.   The furniture will be made to measure by local craftsmen who will exclusively use materials of French origin and eco-responsible. Of course, we also intend to give a second life to all the furniture we already have. Because it is also that, the Social Economy and Solidarity!  

Ultimately, we will use your donations to finance the development of three distinct spaces:


1. A reception




To better inform you, when you feel like coming to visit us, to better promotion of our project promoters and so that those who arrive in advance to their appointment can benefit from some inspiring reads.


Moreover, and this is not a detail, the new premises will be fully accessible to people with reduced mobility. Discrimination due to inadequate facilities will soon be a thing of the past!


2. A Space Nomad




This flexible space will welcome entrepreneurs and allow our partners the mobility to work a few hours between meetings, as well as events and conferences that we can now organize regularly.


3. Kitchen (+ relaxation space)




Because it is well known, it is in the kitchens that conversations are sparked and that the most beautiful ideas are born. Around a meal, a coffee, a tea, the quality of life, at work as elsewhere, passes a lot through the palate!




Thanks to this project, we will have:   - Larger offices that are better suited to our work practices for project managers and Inter-Made permanent staff! These offices may be shared or semi-shared depending on the needs of each.


- A larger meeting room, more comfortable and better equipped to ensure the smooth running of the courses.

  - Two confidentiality boxes entirely dedicated to the core business of Inter-Made. Discretion and privacy are the focus of individual interviews!


Whatever happens, we want this place to facilitate communication between project promoters, collaborators, and to be a place of pooling together skills and ideas!   And for this, we count on each one of you to accompany us in this beautiful and new adventure!   Throughout the campaign, follow our move on all of our platforms. We will present you our old premises but also our new place, which, as you will see for yourself, has potential but requires all your support to make it work!   And then, we will move in late April, so come and see us in our new premises in May / June, we will be delighted to welcome you!

Allocation of funds

Do not worry, we are not asking you to finance all the necessary work for the development of our new premises!





The total cost of the operation is 80,000 € and believe us, this is a huge sum for a structure like Inter-Made, but we know that this is worth the effort! So far, with the support of our partners, we have managed to raise 50,000 € and have been able to finance the essentials: internal partitions, networks, floor and confidentiality box. Yet 30,000 € is still missing...And that's why we're asking you!


Our campaign will be organized in three stages. Initially, our objective will be to reach a first level of 20,000 € which will allow us to finance the spaces Reception, Nomade and Kitchen.


If we exceed 20,000 € of the collection, we can then unlock the 2nd stage, for 5,000 € more. We will then be able to enrich the kitchen area with a relaxing space, ready for informal exchanges, which often result in major collaborations!


And if you are really really great, then maybe we will even unlock a 3rd level! Then we will be able to renew our tables and chairs and then equip ourselves with additional storage space.




If you are still following us, we have detailed below the use of each euro collected thanks to your generosity!


The amounts indicated include the design and follow-up of the work (design work and overall consistency of the layout), the purchase of materials (wood and metal), the realization of the pieces by craftsmen and the pause (deliveries and electricity costs, water and internet).


The costs directly linked to the campaign (KissKissBankBank commission, cost of counterparts, and communication for the campaign) are taken directly from the association's budget. Your participation in this campaign is 100% dedicated to the development of our future spaces!


First stage: 20,000 €













Second stage: 25,000 €, we add the relaxation space, attached to the kitchen





Third stage: 30,000 €, we can renew the furniture: desks, armchairs, storage!





After all you have already seen the most ambitious projects grow and take off?

So do not hesitate any longer, come and support Inter-Made in it's adventure! 


We would like to thank all those who helped launch this campaign:


Duodaki the guys who brought the video to life

- Les Poulets Bicyclettes the team behind the illustrations and typography of the video

- Maxime Touron from Le Scrupule du Gravier who gave us the voice-over

Franck Chalnot, the designer of our new space who has created the architectural designs and 3D images. 

- The cast of the video: Fatima, Jessica, Lucile, Julia, Laurent, Baldwyn, Romain and Cédric.

- To all those who contributed to the campaign: volunteers, permanent staff, project leaders, friends and many others!



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