CristaLight: the bulb is alive

Lamps designed for the lighting bulb-nostalgics.

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CristaLight: the bulb is alive



First of all thank you so much for checking out our KissKissBankBank Campaign!  


Let’s start with a brief introduction. We are a group of four guys: one Belgian designer and three Dutch. Two led lightning specialists and one sales & logistics expert.  


Our lamps are the product of this cooperation. Three years ago, the first lamp was designed by our initial team. We produced a bulb and several base glass prototypes, but were unable to create a satisfying led lightning system. Although we’ve to admit; our standards are extremely high!


Then we got into touch with 2 Dutch led specialists who were able to meet our high standards. We found the perfect led! This led, combined with the 3D printed base for the led bulb, fitted just like we had in mind. The project was back on track.  


The above leads us to this point. To KissKissBankBank. We hope you’ll love our project as much as we do and are willing to assist us in this final phase. Please have a look and, if you wish, support us. You will not regret it.




As the changing legislations and new led technologies are pushing the traditional lighting bulb into history, we had a desire to put it back into the spotlight.  


The idea was to combine the old world with the new - in total harmony. The new world’s led light and the old world’s beautiful shapes and forms.


After 3 years of development and searching the perfect combination of light, shape and glass, we think that we’ve finally reached our goal;


Low efficiency terminated the conventional lighting Bulb. We would like to show the world, the Bulb is still alive!


















After a new European law prohibiting the traditional wire bulb in Europe was voted, we were saddened by the idea that rapidly we will not see its shape in our homes anymore. My God, it’s there for almost 2 centuries! It’s almost a part of everybody’s family!  


Of course, we are aware of climate changes and necessity to make more energy effective lighting. We know that the led light is the future. Our lamps are also 100% recyclable. But, our question was: is it possible to save this shape anyhow? 




For the first lighting bulbs the desire was to reproduce it in exact standard dimension. We wanted it classy but fun at the same time. And we think that we succeed. You'll never be bored with it!  


All the process of thinking it, making prototypes, waiting for the perfect led lamp to be invented, 3D modeling and then 3D printing of the perfectly adapted socket for it, took us almost 3 years.  


But today we are happy with the result. Our good old bulb will stay among us. We bring it back to life. The bulb is alive!






Actually, we produced prototypes for 5 bulbs. Two of them are made in cooperation with worldwide famous Belgian crystal factory Val Saint Lambert that we work together for already 7 years.  


We have the designing projects for many more and they will be available on our new website. It will be online beginning of November 2017.


What’s the interest of so many different bulbs? Well, our lamps are designed in the way that you can easily change the bulb and change its look as you wish so it never becomes boring.





As our KissBanker you receive 10% / 25% off during one year on our website, so that you can provide all the bulbs that you like.










Our lamps are customizable.  


Send us by mail or via our website (on line beginning of November) your photo, logo, name(s), quote, poem or any other short text. Include your name and order number.  


We will adapt it to fit nice in the engravable area and send you back the project for approval. Once you agree, we will engrave it in your lamp instead of original decoration.  


Only Mignon, Crazy and French lamps can be customized.  








Our bulbs have the same refraction as the original ones. The shadows they make is very similar and very decorativ.


On those photos the power is dimmed to about 50% of its maximum.




























If you have any questions, please let us know.  


- We speak English  

- Nous parlons Français

- We spreken Nederlands  

- Wir sprechen Deutsch  

and some more...

Allocation of funds

We already invested a lot of time and money in this project over the last years. But we are reaching our limits.


To finally initialize it we would like to produce the first series of the lamps and few more prototypes to be able to participate on one of the most important design fairs in the world, “Maison et Objet” in Paris.


Actually, we have only 5 complete prototypes of the lamps. But they are functional and ready to be massively reproduced. We have a small stock of the bulb Mignon and glass screws. Mignon is also the base for the bulb Crazy. All the molds are ready for the production.   


The prototype of the led support is fully functional and in test phase. We need to improve some details and make the mold for plastic injection. As soon as it’s ready we will start reproducing it. 

Concerning the aluminum socket, the producer waits for our green light to start. 

We can say that this project is ready for the production phase. 


If KissKissBankBank campaign is successful we will continue developing the other bulb models that will be available on our future website. It will be also a great motivator for our team.


Most of the components will be produced in Holland and Belgium. They will all be assembled, engraved and tested on our own production site near Amsterdam, in Tilburg (Netherlands) and near Liège (Belgium). The designing process is also done in Belgium.


We need your support to finally be able to start and make the first series of the lamps. So that all the bulb fans like us can get one!


We need minimum 7500 € in order to be able to make the production series large enough. The reason is that it’s mostly handmade and expensive to produce. 


We really hope you will like it and help us in preserving this, I must say, cultural heritage.


Here is how we imagine to use the funds raised in this campaign:


·       35% are for the production of the KKBB rewards (your lamps)

        (only the price of parts without the cost of our labor)

·       21% goes to the Belgian state as VAT

·       20% are for renting a small stand for “Maison et objet”.

        We already have a part of the budget for it.

·       10% are for finalization of new prototypes

·        8% goes for KissKissBankBank costs

·        6% will be used for led socket mold




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