Croc' Mamzelles - 100% Amazones

Help us to promote feminine sport and realise our dream : to participate to Amazon Raid 2013. 100% feminine, 100% sport, 100% ecologic

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Croc' Mamzelles - 100% Amazones

We’re the Croc Mam’elles, a team of 3 grils united by the same dream: participate to 2013 edition of Amazon Raid – l’ArbreVert Raid. A team of dynamic girls: Eva S. “Through this event, I want to promote around me sport, feminity and “surpassing oneself”. Céline M. “Taking part to this raid is the opportunity to discover a country through an original way and discover ourselves” Marie L. “I love challenges and as a professional of the environment sector, the concept of this raid “no motor, only sweat” totally seduced me”. Our project is to promote feminine sport and achieve our dream by participating to Amazon Raid 2013, which will take place this year in Asia. This raid is organised by Alexandre Debanne, it gathers each year 80 women’s teams for all over France (240 participants) and proposes non-motorised sport as a way to discover a country: its landscapes, its people, its culture and its traditions. This event was created in 2001 and meet a higher success each year. “no motor, only sweat”: mountain bike, running, kayaking, climbing… Registration is opening now and it’s limited to 80 teams. Each year this raid is “sold out”. Already 20 teams are registered and we really hope to be followers certainly thanks to you. Help us to achieve our dream and promotes these values: team spirit, environment, challenge, human adventure, surpassing oneself, cultural diversity

Allocation of funds

Why make a donation ? Each team must find 13 000€ to finance the register fees. Collect the required amount is a race before the race because only the first teams to send a completed registration will be part of the adventure. We have created “Croc Mamz’elles” association and we actively seeking people who share this raid’s values and want to experience this adventure with us. The main part of the budget is financed by sponsors, but there is still a small part of our budget which is missing. We appeal for donation with a minimum of 1 000€ to collect, but we can of course go beyond. The register fees include: transport, accommodation, organisation … And if we go beyond the amount of 1 000€ ? You will participate to our trip and also to our training, helping us to finance a part of transport… trip to Paris and local events.



notre entière reconnaissance et un énorme bizou de la part de toute l’équipe des Croc Mam’zelles


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contrepartie précédente + la newsletter de l’équipe pendant l’évènement... afin vous tenir informé de la progression de votre équipe d’amazones préférée ;-)


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contreparties précédentes + une carte postale dédicacée par les Croc Mamzelles depuis leur destination


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contreparties précédentes + un porte-clé à l’effigie des Croc Mam’zelles


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contreparties précédentes + invitation à notre pot de retour pour vous faire partager notre expérience


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contreparties précédentes + le droit de figurer dans la liste de nos donateurs sur FB + 1 boîte de Ferrero Rocher :-)

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