Help for Attapeu province

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Help for Attapeu province

On monday july 23th a water dam have been collapse in the south of Lao P.D.R at Attapeu province.

Since that day many people and organizations are preparing an immmediate support.

However, in the goal to follow on from this first step we want to prepare a second wave of support who will be launch in the middle of september 2018.

This period is very important because after water come mud, insalubrity, deases ...

Allocation of funds

On september 8th The SwimmingLaos Team and I will go to 6 villages who lost everything in this desaster and provide help with this crowdfunding.

We will us it for these topics: 

- water treatments 500 euro

-  Mosquito nets 300 euro

-  Food   500 euro

- construction materials 500 euro

* During our mission in Attapeu province we will make a video of our actions in the goal to share with our donators



* For the moment SwimmingLaos is still not an official association in Laos. Because of that I will take the responsability to collect on my personal account the money of the crowdfunding.

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