Cu Chi Plus Zéro - 2017 - CC+0

Creation of a 3 months artist's residency (20th of january - 20th of april 2017 ) bringing together 15 international artists !

Project visual Cu Chi Plus Zéro - 2017 - CC+0
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Cu Chi Plus Zéro - 2017 - CC+0

Our project ? Create an artist's residency in Vietnam, bringing together 15 international artists.

When ? From the 20th of january to the 20th of april 2017, starting with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the year of the fire cock !

Where, exactly ? At Cu Chi (30km from Ho Chi Minh) in La Quy Tung's studio, visual artist and production designer for movies. During the three months of this experience, La Quy Tung offers his studio (300m2) to artists as a perfect space to realize this project.

Cu Chi's area is also known for its tunnels built during the americano-vietnamese conflict.



In 2006, La Quy Tung and Xavier de Kepper met themselves for the first time and a strong friendship is built. In 2012, they organize at Cu Chi the workshop FPDV, in which a dozen of artists were invited, including Flora Kam.This workshop received the support of the Atelier Blanc, Midi-Pyrénées area, the French institute and the fine arts association of Ho Chi Minh ville.

In January 2016, Flora Kam and Xavier de Kepper create Plus Zéro, with the aim to develop interactions and meetings between artists from over the world.

Plus Zéro is an association of visual art (law 1901), born in january 2016. Founded by Flora Kam and Xavier de Kepper, the team is composed of Marie-Christine Larcher, Henri Barre, Charles Robin Sütçü, Christophe Gicquel and Eric Gossec.

All the creations and editions of Plus Zéro are 100 % handmade ! We work in the the Pyrenean mountains. Today, we already worked with more of 60 artistes from 15 different countries !



View of the studio / Cu Chi



La Quy Tung + Flora Kam + XDK


CC+0 project is built on a strong friendship between Plus Zéro and La Quy Tung, with the idea to bring together artists from over the world and share a unique experience of life.

The artists invited are : A4 Putevie (France), Anna Haifisch (Allemagne), Diego Lazzarin (Italie), Eric Gossec (France), Flora Kam (France), Henri Barre (France), Jon Horn (USA), Karla Solano (Costa Rica), La Quy Tung (Vietnam), Nils Bertho (France), Roméo Julien (France), Thibault Pétrissans (France), Tony Cheung (Chine), Vanessa Dakinsky (France), Whiskey Radish (USA) & Xavier de Kepper (France).

Many Vietnamese artists will be also invited to the adventure. 


What will we do at Cu Chi ?

During three months, a workshop around paper and handmade editions will be set. The artists will be invited to share their feelings of what they are experiencing at Cu Chi. Zines, art books, limited editions will be made in situ, and a transcription of the works will be done after the residency in Vietnam, France, and maybe other other countries...

This project will be the first step to our dreamed goal : create a permanent artistic exchange between France and Vietnam.

We will have the opportunity to work with the contemporary art space Zerostation, and to be part of the Asian Invisible Station project ( with the objective to strengthens the asian artistic scene).

You will find below the map of the main collaborators in HCMC. We started already a collaboration with Chao Down Town. After the residency, we will also work on some events with the comix festival Short Run at Seattle.


To see all of our project and objectives >


Links of our collaborators :

Zerostation >

Chao Down Town >

Short Run >








A4 Putevie (France)



Anna Haifisch (Allemagne)



Diego Lazzarin (Italie)



Eric Gossec (France)



Flora Kam (France)



Henri Barre (France)



Jon Horn (United States)



Karla Solano (Costa Rica)



La Quy Tung (Vietnam)



Nils Bertho (France)



Roméo Julien (France)



Thibault Pétrissans (France)



Tony Cheung (China)



Vanessa Dakinsky (France)



Whiskey Radish (United States)



Xavier de Kepper (France)




You can find here a selection of gifts realized exclusively for our project !

We made a first collection of photozines around the experience at Cu Chi in 2012, with the pictures of Xavier de Kepper.

You will find then the artist CC+0 collection, with artzines of Karla Solano, Eric Gossec,Tony Cheung and Whiskey Radish, edition limited !

If you choose the empty drawing notebook, draw on it, write on it, and we will have the joy to publish it !

The great edition of the end of residency will transcript CC+0 project from the beginning to the end, with a documentary of the adventure.


Each Plus Zero gift will have its ZERO LIMIT BAG, unique, made with marvelous things...

You will also have the possibilty to choose art books, silksreens, photographies... and original works of the artists participating to the adventure.

And why won't you come in Cu Chi, paying us a visit ? We will host you with pleasure in our place of work and living. 

Each contribution will be of course added with a BIG THANKS, and you will be part of the story of the first international artist's residency CC+0 !Your name will figure on our websites and also during the transcriptions and the end of residency's book.

All of the gifts and artworks are presented in our tumblr or our facebook page !





In the order (from left to right)

Saigon - Phan Rang - xdk - 13x15 - 24 pages - B&W / red paper

Bạn bè - xdk - 13x17 - 24 pages - B&W / blue paper

Cu Chi - xdk - 13x17 - 16 pages - B&W / neon pink paper

Cu Chi Export - xdk - 13x15 - 16 pages + 1 posterA3 - B&w / yellow paper

Before Leaving it's better to burn - xdk - 13x17 - 12 pages - Color



In the order (from left to right)

Eric Gossec (France) - Multimédia - 12x18 - 16 pages  - Color

Eric Gossec (France) - Dessin - 12x18 - 12 pages - B&W

Brain Police - Tony Cheung (China) - Format A5 - 28 pages - B&W / Colored cover

Sam Cat Goes to the jungle - Whiskey Radish (E-U) - 13x18 - 20 pages - B&W

Nubes - Karla Solano (Costa Rica) - 13x13 - 16 pages - Color





A4 Putevie (France)

Four original paintings created exclusively for the project :

Acrylic on wood - 24,4x29,5 - 2016




Anna Haifisch (Allemagne)

Three original drawings of "The Artist EP14" - 3 pages - 21x30




Anna Haifisch (Allemagne)

Three original drawings :

In the order (from left to right)

"Don't worry" - 21x30

"Frog" - 21x30

"Cat buddy" - 21x30




Anna Haifisch (Allemagne)

Riso print - 19x27 > 10 copies



Diego Lazzarin (Italie)


Art Book - 160 pages - 17X24 - Color > 5 copies




Eric Gossec (France)

Three original drawings created especially for the project - "Série D"

Indian ink - 28,5x21 - 2016



Flora Kam (France)

Eight different versions of "Doctor Thanh"

 Aerosol paintings - 50x65 - 2012




Flora Kam (France)

Three original drawings :

In the order (from left to right)

"Mooncake" - Encre sur papier - Format A4 - 2012

"Karaoke Nights King" - Encre sur papier - Format A4 - 2012

"Panic in the tunnel" - Encre sur papier - Format A4 - 2012




Flora Kam (France)

Lithography- "The Next Generation"

65x16,6 - 2010 > 5 copies




Henri Barre (France)

Nine original drawings

Pencil on paper - Format A4 - 2016




Henri Barre France)

Two original paintings :

In the order (from left to right)

"sans titre" - Acrylic on canvas - 55x45

"La mécanicienne" - Acrylic on canvas - 55x45



Jon Horn (Etats-Unis)

At the top, from left to right >

- Collection of 6 fanzines Science & Industry - "Hypothesis Now!"  > 5 copies

- Supramystic Saga, 5 screenprinted cards - handmade by Jon Horn, illustrated by Jon Horn and Chad Lundberg > 10 copies

- "W* (Junk Food Coloring Book)" > 5 copies

ERG: A Unit of Work - Collaboration with Rachael Harper & Rainey Warren > 5 copies

At the end > "SeeSaw #1" - Collaboration with Flora Kam - silkscreen - 10x10 > 10 copies




Nils Bertho (France)

Two silkscreens and a graphzine

In the order (from left to right)

- Graphzine "Douve du foie 3000" - Nils Bertho & Laura Samé - Edité par Mad Series & Le Mat - > 5 copies

- Silkscreen"a spell on you - voodoo woman" - Edited at la Ruche - 65x50 - 2014 > 5 copies

- Silkscreen - "Tu as une poussière dans l'oeil" - Edited at la Ruche - 65x50 - 2014 > 5 copies




Nils Bertho (France)

Two original drawings

In the order (from left to right)

"Les mamies habillent leurs créatures 1" - mixmedia on paper 300gr - 35x25

"Les mamies habillent leurs créatures 2" - mixmedia on carboard - 42x30




Nils Bertho (France)

Three original drawings

"La monstrueuse parade" - "Freaks & couple heureux" - Felt tip pen on special paper

"Chevalier chevaleresque pause chamallow grillé" - Rotring on canvas - Format A5

"Thank you mom for making me food so I don't die" - Ink on Canson paper - 22x18 - 2014




Nils Bertho (France)

Three original drawings

In the order (from left to right)

"Stolearm's cake" - mix media on cardboard - 20x20

"La crèche" - mixmedia on paper 300gr - Format A4

"Rien ne va plus" - mixmedia on photopaper - 30x21




Roméo Julien (France)

Three silkscreens :

"Chantier en cours" - 52x72 - 2015 > one copy of each




Roméo Julien (France)

Five original drawings

"Série Astral" - 10x15 - 2016




Thibault Pétrissans (France)

Four original photographs :

"Elements" -16,5x25 - 2016




Thibault Pétrissans (France)

Four original drawings

"Esprit simple" - 10X15 - 2016




Vanessa Dakinsky (France)

Three original drawings

In the order (from left to right)

"The Bubblist - Le Bulliste" - 50x65 

"Sans titre" - 24x30

"Sans titre" - 24x30




Vanessa Dakinsky (France)

On the left and in the middle > two original paintings created especially for the project - Oil on canvas - 27x22 - 2016 (inspirated by the pictures of XDK)

On the right > Original drawing - "Gravity Escape" - 24x30




Vanessa Dakinsky (France)

Original painting created especially for the project :

"Temps liquide / Portrait de Thanh" - oil on canvas - 81x65 - 2016 (inspirated by the pictures of XDK)



Tony Cheung (Chine)

Tee-Shirt "Broken China's Dream" > 30 copies




Tony Cheung (Chine)

A gauche > Tote Bag "Broken China's Dream" > 30 copies

A droite > Fan > 30 copies




Whiskey Radish ( Etats-Unis)

Book of 80 original drawings which will be made during the residency.These illustration are a preview of the book.

(This book will be available in June 2017)




Whiskey Radish (Etats-Unis)

Three original drawings (with the tampon Rat)

From left to right >

Cook 1 - 16x20 - 2016

Cook 2 - 19x23,5 - 2016

Cook 3 - 16,5x24,5 - 2016



Whiskey Radish ( Etats-Unis)

A couple of silksreens (with the tampon Rat)

From left to right >

Rat - Tampon - 6x11,5

Silkcreen #1 - 8,5x13,5 > 17 copies

Silkscreen #2 - 9,5x13,7 > 17 copies




Xavier de Kepper (France)

Five lightboxes realized in Vietnam - 24x44 - 2012

On the left > Hẹn gặp lai - See you !

At the middle, top > Hôm nay - Today.

At the middle, down > Tại sao không? - Why not ?

Top right > Xin đợi - Wait.

Down right > Ngày mai - Tomorrow.




Xavier de Kepper (France)

Light Boxe - Personal collection - 90x30



Allocation of funds

This Kiss Kiss Bank Bank collect will allow us to finance a part of the project CC+0 : 16400 €.


Repartition of the budget:


- Host & meal : 10800 €

(Hotel + meal + salary of a cook - Detail : 1 person / 1 day > 8 € - 1 person / 3 months > 720 € - 15 persons x 3 months > 10800 €

- Conception of the gifts and postal charges : 2400 €

- Charges for the return of the works via container : 900 €

- Transport charges (location and gasoline) : 900 €

- Percentage Kiss Kiss Bank Bank : 1312 €


If we realize our objectif, we will be VERY happy.

If we collect more, we will also invest everything to improve the workshop :

Let's dream :

+ 1000 € : Buy some materials to improve the quality of the impressions (silkscreen, big books, beautiful paper, color prints...)

+ 5000 € : It will goes directly for the next workshop in Cu Chi !

+ 15000 € : YEAH ! We can organize the next workshop in Cu Chi and improve our objectives. 


Precisions :

- The budget will be mainly dedicated to the accommodation (host and meals).

- In Vietnam, La Quy Tung, helped with private vietnamese funds, will make some construction works to improve the reception of the artists (creation of an other bathroom, an internet network, expansion of the studio's surface).Many materials will be at the disposition of the artists (paper, ink, paintings, wood, canvas...), and also the printing machine.

- The airplane ticket, passport and visa will be on the artist's charge.


Managers of the project:

La Quy Tung / Flora Kam / Xavier de Kepper

Plus Zéro Team :

Henri Barre / Marie-Christine Larcher / Charles Robin Sütçü / Christophe Gicquel / Eric Gossec

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ORIGINAL DRAWING "CHEVALIER CHEVALERESQUE PAUSE CHAMALLOW GRILLE" - NILS BERTHO + The Book of Residence + Bag Zéro Limit + A collector keyring + A selection of postcards + Your name in the page of thanks of Edition and on our web page !
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