Cultinera : L'expression des peuples

Support us and depart with us to the discovery of folk traditions from here and elsewhere. A patrimony to discover in a thousand ways!

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Cultinera : L'expression des peuples


We are two fellows finishing their studies, Florian and Estelle, fascinated for the same thing: culture essentially, in every possible way. In order to add value to our interests, we decided to establish a cultural association so that we can share the most unknown heritage of mankind with as many people as possible, no matter if material or immaterial, because it should be known before it disappears! Please do not hesitate to take a gasp at our website:  




The association:

Cultinera, from the Latin culti itinera, which means “memorable travel”, is the association we founded with the goal of discovering folks and their traditions in different regions of Europe and beyond. The goal is to meet populations and get to know their lifestyles, their handcraft, their habits, etc. We also want to take pictures, make films and interviews, build reports, bring objects, and to present our discoveries in turn in the form of exhibitions and lectures.  




The report project:

We aim at Europe and the neighbor countries. We started at Rumania, three weeks around last Christmas for discovering Christmas and New Year's celebrations in the north of the country, where traditions are at their strongest. In order to continue this travel in an interrupted way, we are preparing (mostly Florian, the great traveler) to depart next May from Venice to Iran trespassing isolated regions of East Europe. Estelle will rejoin Florian at Iran at the end of the travel.




Our contact with you:

In order to stay in contact with you, we take the detour of our cultural website where we regularly publish articles concerning specific subjects. During travels, we present to you discoveries and habits of the people we meet, their territory and their lifestyles, illustrated by a vast amount of pictures. That way you get to travel with us!



Allocation of funds

 We want to ask for a modest sum of money with the essential goal of refunding the costs of numerical devices (mini-tablet and a quality camera with an integrated camera system) that will allow us to stay in contact with you, becoming your eyes and ears during this travel, so to say to make you travel with us. It will also help refunding the activities of the association, which go far beyond a single travel. In fact, Cultinera wishes to stay active on the long term.  But we also wish and hope to trespass the calculated sum, and for that we count even more on you, because the duration and quality of this travel depends on our financial capabilities! The more money we will have, the more we will be able to contribute to discovering traditions before they get lost or transformed, with the goal of sharing them with as many people as possible. We will thank you by sending you all of our gratitude via email! 







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