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Custom77 need your help to continue its international development and fulfill its growing catalog.

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Custom77 : We Need You !!




Custom77 was created in 2007, in the city of Lyon, FRANCE, by Jerome and Jb; two guitarists from the same band and both real vintage gear addicts.


Throughout the past 7 years, Custom77 has never ceased to expand: Selling more than 5000 guitars worldwide, creating new designs and endorsing international artists.


The brand made its official debut in the U.S.A at the 2014 NAMM show and received very positive feedbacks from press, retailers and artists


Custom77 is endorsed by the following artists: Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Geoff Barrow from Portishead, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Earth, and many more...









At 2014 NAMM SHOW, Custom77 made good contacts with various shops within the US and worldwide.


Last month, started to sell our guitars through their american website: Custom77 catalog on







In the same time, Custom77 developped 4 new models:


The Blackout




The London's Burning - Mark II




The Goin' Steady




And the Goin' Steady - Trem





Here is a video presenting our catalog at the 2014 NAMM show.


And another one featuring the LONDON'S BURNING MARK II.






Today we're a five employees company. Thomas and Jeremie (following apprenticeship program from a luthier school) who are setting up all guitars and Manu who's handling our shop Lyon. They all  teamed up so we can pursue various projects. And projects abound!


We will exhibit once again at NAMM show. Next january.


We're working on new hardware for guitars that are not been created yet.


And our second brand, THIRD EYE, has been growing recently with the addition of new baritones and 7 strings guitars.


Allocation of funds

But all of those projects have a cost.


Beeing a small company limit us financialy. Prototyping and developping new guitars are big invests and our catalog needs to be fullfilled alongside.



This is why we start that campaign.

To develop those various projects and to promote our brand through new markets worldwide. 






Participating will be a big help for us and by doing so, you'll have an exclusive discount on the guitars to thank you.



We offer a discount on the following guitars. Some will be delivered next november, and some during april 2015.


November 2014:

The New Love Gun

The New Love Gun - LH (Left Handed)

The London's Burning - Raw Raw Power


April 2015:

The Surfin' Bird - Bordeaux

The Surfin' Bird LH (Left Handed) - Bordeaux

The Ex-Blackout (a new name will be found soon...) - Sunburst

The Ex-Blackout LH (Left Handed) - Sunburst

The London's Burning - Raw Power - Champagne

The London's Burning - CS4 - P77 - Black

The China Girl - Raw Power - White

The London's Burning - CS4 - Fire Burst

The China Girl - Basse - Trans Red

The China Girl - Basse LH (Left Handed) - Trans Red


In addition, 3 pieces of each of the four new models are available at an exclusive price: The Blackout, the Lodon's Burning Mark II, the goin' Steady and the Goin' Steady - Trem.







If you buy a guitar, shipping fees will have to be added.

Same as fees that are applied on our website.


(We could have add an average shipping cost but it wouldn't have been fair for everyone, so we add the real shipping charges to every destination)


Here are the shipping fees:

To Metropolitan France : 25€

To EEC: 30€

To Eastern Europe 60€

To French DOM-TOM: 75€

To USA, Canada and Mexico: 95€

To the rest of the world: 120€





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