Champagne Cuvée Sakura, new cuvée to lighten up the mood at any occasion

Champagne full of finesse dressed up with dainty cherry blossoms

Project visual Champagne Cuvée Sakura, new cuvée to lighten up the mood at any occasion
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Champagne Cuvée Sakura, new cuvée to lighten up the mood at any occasion

The project in a few words

The Cuvée Sakura is a champagne full of finesse in a bottle covered by a piece of art filled with beautiful Sakura blossoms. It lightens up the mood before, during , after the tasting at any occasion like French style Apéro, picnic with friends, a romantic diner, or a celebration.

A bit of history of the project

Everything began to take shape after the fateful meeting with a picture of Sakura painted by Japanese artist Miu SHINODA. 

Actually I was looking for an idea for the design of bottle which perfectly marry with Blanc de blancs vintage 2010. 

For a fine champagne, what is in the bottle is of course the most important. But that’s not enough ! It’s the bottle which meets you before all else. It should reflect the characteristics of the champagne. This beautiful picture of Sakura represents both the finesse and the joyfulness, exactly the same feature as this champagne.

Two components have finally gathered to offer a new cuvée which lightens up the ambiance at any occasion: a fine champagne and its pretty dress.

Cuvée with double charm:  Fine champagne & Piece of art

Champagne Blancs de blancs vintage 2010

Champagne blanc de blancs is made from 100% Chardonnay appreciated for its fruity aromas and its finesse on the palate. The particular climate condition in 2010 added the fleshy aspect. This champagne will titillate the tastebuds of various types of wine lovers, from experts to beginners.

It accompanies you throughout the meal, especially for the aperitif or with seafood or sushi, even with white fruits or citruses based desserts. 

Piece of art filled with Sakura blossoms 

Sakura means cherry blossoms in Japanese (or cherry wood according to context). It’s an emblematic flower of the land of the rising sun appreciated since 9th century. What fascinate so much the Japanese people ? The reason is not only one.

First, it’s related to their culture formed by the fusion between Shintoism and Buddhism. They feel something ephemeral and fragile is beautiful, thus delicate Sakura may be subject to contemplation. When cherry blossoms are in full bloom, everyone gather under cherry woods, often with a picnic meal to admire this wonderful moment together, as we enjoy the moment of sharing with others around un fine champagne.

This artwork shows us the scene as if we look up toward the sky studded with Sakura to admire its sparkling but discrete beauty.

The cuvée which pleases you three times - Before, During and After

Before tasting, this bottle evidently draws attention of your guests at first glance when they arrive at your home. It’s always à pleasure to be welcomed in a place decorated with flowers, isn’t it ?

During tasting, it’s now the turn of the champagne to play the role. It treats you throughout the meal, from the aperitif to the dessert. Its fine et fleshy aromas animate the conversation. Moreover, the beautiful bottle might invite you to an imaginary journey in Japan at the time of famous « Hanami », spring picnic under blooming cherry woods. 

After tasting, this bottle may be transformed to a decorative object. It’s already picturesque itself. You just need to put it where you like. But if you would like something more original, it’s up to you to find nice ideas with your creativity.


Project's progress

Because two components, the champagne blanc de blancs and its artistic dresse, are ready, all that is left me to to launch the production.

Actually, I had already this project in my head just before the Sanitary crisis. To be honest, the crisis have multiplied financial worries. It disturbed me to  dare start the production of the bottle sleeve. 

This preorder project will allow me to ensure the funding for the first production.  


The rewards 

To express my gratitude, I prepare 4 types of rewards :

  • 1 bottle of Cuvée Sakura (Shipping in Metropolitan France included)*
  • 3 bottles of Cuvée Sakura (Shipping in Metropolitan France included)*
  • 6 bottles of Cuvée Sakura (Shipping in Metropolitan France included)*
  • Our Vineyard tour for 2 persons & 1 bottle of Cuvée Sakura

* Customs duties and taxes may be asked upon receipt of the items in the case of foreign shipping.

About me

Born into a winegrowers family since 5 generations in the Department of Aisne, I joined my parents to work in the vineyard in 2007. Then in 2010, I created my own brand « Champagne Pierre Laurent » to sell Champagne regional products which I’m so attached to.

From the beginning of my career, I work while respecting the environment. This effort has brung me the fruits, I’m certified High Environmental Value since 2019.

Creative bottle design

One of the features of my brand is the cuvées of limited edition in the creative design bottles. This concept brought me the Originality Award in the Champagne Young Talent Competition in 2015. I recently created 2 collectors’ bottles in collaboration with French artist Philippe de Lestrange.

Big fan of Chardonnay

If I talk about my personal taste, I’m big fan of Chardonnay for its frutti and fine aromas. So, the blanc de blancs is naturally my favorite cuvée. I’m so excited to make you discover this cuvée Sakura. 


Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.
Alcohol must not be consumed by prégnant women.
The sale of alcoholic beverages to minors is forbidden. You must be legal drinking age to support our project.

Allocation of funds

The funds collected will ensure to finance the minimum quantity required for the first production.

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