Cycling for Sulawesi

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Cycling for Sulawesi

We are two friends, animated by a sense of generosity, solidarity and challenge

In accordance with these values, our project is an invitation to travel, help each other and challenge ourselves

Embark on this journey with us and discover what we are all about!


Age: 25 years old

Weight: 70kg

Education: EM Normandie, digital development (France)

Motivations: I worked  for a wooden furniture company in Jepara, Indonesia. I discovered the kindness of the Indonesian people but also the challenges facing the country.                     

I felt personally concerned by the tsunami, that is why I wanted to act for the affected population


Age: 25 years old 

Weight: 75kg

Education: Sciences Po Lille, Risk Management (France

Motivations: I want to bring emergency relief to the population in Sulawesi

I love travelling, meeting new people and hepling wherever I can. 

I discovered humanitarian action with Save the Children in Burkina Faso and I wanted to do more

In response to the devastation caused by the tsunami that struck Indonesia on 28, September 2018, we decided to bring aid to the local populations by getting on our bikes and to show you what is going on. 

The goal is to raise funds to finance water filtering pumps for the population. We are teaming up with a dynamic Indonesian NGO that will help us reach our goal!

We will leave for Jakarta on 31, October 2018. We will cycle across the islands of Java and Bali, which represents a trip of 1,896 km (1,178 miles). Then, we will fly to Palu, which has been vastly destroyed by the tsunami. With the funds we gathered along our trip, we will finance and install solar water pumps, in partnership with the Indonesian NGO Enter Nusantara. During this journey, we will count on you to support us, follow us on our web pages and donate to this beautiful cause !


Allocation of funds

Our project aims at facilitating the access to clean water to the people affected by the tsunami. With more than 60, 000 displaced persons, clean water is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases. Our project aims at enhancing the resilience of the populations all the while promoting a local dynamic to emergency assistance.

This is why it is necessary to promote durable solutions to people in sanitary distress, especially around the city of Palu. Thus, we ask you to become a privileged member of our project!

 Your financial suppport would help us purchase and install water filtering pumps in disaster zones. Your contributions would greatly benefit these populations and put you at the forefront of humanitarian assistance!


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