Amour, Vie et Abandonné - photographie

I take photographs of love and life, which we no longer see today.

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Amour, Vie et Abandonné - photographie

My name is Dami. I am from South Korea. I was a student in Paris 2 years ago. In those days, I went out several times alone with my camera. It was enough for my happiness. My Story My life was destroyed. The reason was a French guy whom I loved. He was an exchange student in my university in South Korea. We first met in the dance class. We fell in love at first sight. We were young. We were always as if traveling. After 4 months in Korea, he went back to France. He waited for me, and I told him that I would come to see you within 6 months. However, it never happened. I was busy with my own affairs. He left me. I cried wherever I was, at work and on the street, since the moment of the separation. I realized only late what was important in my life. I was not able to help going to see him in France. It was during my internship, so I was absent. He did not want to see me. He did not have the courage to face me. After 1 year, I found myself in Paris, following my dream. I took photographs of the objects abandoned and forgotten on the street. They appeared to my eyes as if my love and my life. Love, Life and Abandoned created in 2018 Studio Abandonné My photography website is called Studio Abandonné (click). Its intention is to protect pure love and humanity because relationships today between us are often calculated. You could see there more of my photos accompanied by my intimate journal. As I will continue creations around the world, this website will be the heart of meetings between us. Rewards You could choose among 1 / 1+2 / 1+2+3 / 1+2+3+4 . 1 | Love, Life and Abandoned. 10 photos (postcards) 2 | A3 poster signed by me. 1 choice among the two photos of paysage : 3 | Photo with frame (A6 size) signed by me. Inkjet printing. I choose a vintage frame each time differently in the markets on the street in Korea, thus each piece is unique. You choose 1 photo here and mark the number when ordering. The examples of different sizes : 4 | Your name and surname on the website Studio Abandonné (click) as an original supporter. I will be happy to talk to you from time to time.

Allocation of funds

If I achieve 50 pre-orders, I would be able to launch the quality printing and the cut inexpensively. Moreover, it will allow me to organize a delivery system with economy. If I achieve more than 50, I would be able to buy my own printer (cost around 250 euros) with which I could experiment freely and create artworks.

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