Support disadvantaged children and offer them dance classes!


The project

Bolivia Digna has been working in child protection since 2006. In 2014, it has created an after-school programme for children of two disadvantaged communities in Cochabamba. Often left alone during the day by their parents, we have the objective of bringing them what they don't get from their families: attention, affection, and protection. With this objective, we organise every day recreative and educative activities.


Since the beginning of 2018, Bolivia Digna started with a project of dancing classes in one of its communities, with the help of a teacher who has come until now voluntarily.


Willing to continue with this project but also to increase the number of classes per week (from one to two classes per week), Bolivia Digna has decided to give a retribution to the dance teacher, also supporting a local young person to enter in the job market.


We've also noticed a growing interest from the children as more and more are attending the classes. Thanks to this fundraising, the children will be able to continue with their weekly dance classes. 

Why fund it?

It will fund the retribution to the dance teacher which is equivalent to 25€ per month for two classes per week. 

It will allow the children to continue with their dance classes. 

Total for one year of classes: 300€


After volunteering in Bolivia for a month last year, I fell in love and came back, for good, or at least for a year! I'm coordinating volunteers at Bolivia Digna, which is the NGO where I volunteered and a few days per week I'm also working directly with the children too.

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