Daniel Hunter Quartet - New Album!

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Daniel Hunter Quartet - New Album!

Some Context:


My first album “The Twentieth”, was the product of nearly ten years of composition. Some of the pieces were composed in Australia while studying at the ANU, others during my time in Switzerland and others since my move to Paris. They also hint at my varying influences throughout that period, as a developing musician and composer in search of his own sound.



The New Album:



Now the new album. I composed it with a single piece of work in mind, over a period of just a few months. In fact, at least half of it was written in just a few days, locked in a room in Switzerland. The mix of influences that could be heard on “The Twentieth” has been amalgamated into a cohesive whole, resulting in a sound that I hope can be identified as my own. The music overall is calmer, more introspective and I think, more focused.


Some live recordings of material for the new album:







I hope this album will be a reflection of where I am now, both as a musician and as a person. Basically I've grown up, and my music has along with me.










I'm an Australian guitarist and composer, based in Paris. After completing a four year Bachelor of Music specialising in jazz at the Australian National University, I left Australia at the age of 22 and found myself in Geneva, Switzerland where I worked as a guitar teacher and in a variety of different bands. Having put together a show-length repertoire of original compositions, I founded my own group the Daniel Hunter Trio in 2010. After three years in Geneva, and feeling the pull of the bigger city, I moved to Paris in 2011 where I continued working as a guitarist and teacher. The Daniel Hunter Trio became a quartet and in 2013 we recorded our first album - “The Twentieth”, which received excellent reviews and national airplay in both France and Australia. After touring in France, Switzerland, Australia and Germany, it's now time to record again. 


The Band:


Working with me on this album will be my regular Paris-based quartet, the same ridiculously talented musicians that played on "The Twentieth"!


Warren Walker - Tenor Saxophone





Damien Varaillon - Double Bass







Nicolas Charlier - Drums







Extracts from "The Twentieth":




Projected Timeline:


May 2016 - Recording at La Maison des Artistes, Chamonix

June 2016 - Mixing and Mastering

July 2016 - Graphic Design

August 2016 - Pressing

November 2016 - New album release!



Daniel Hunter Quartet Live:




Allocation of funds

For this second album the quartet has been invited for a residency at la Maison des Artistes in Chamonix, in the French alps. La Maison des Artistes is a big house with a recording studio, a jazz club and a living area. We get to stay there and record in the studio for free and in return we will perform in the jazz club. Although I don't have to pay for the studio, recording music is still very expensive and I need your help!


Here's what the money will be used for:


- Paying the musicians and sound engineer (they're professionals and can't work for free!)


- Transport from Paris to Chamonix and back.


- Mixing and mastering the album


- Graphic design to make an excellent cd cover.


- Pressing of the cds and printing of the cover.


-KissKissBankBank fee



= 4000€


If I'm lucky enough to exceed the funding target, any extra money will go towards my marketing budget and to engaging the services of a press agent.

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