IN MY GRAND-FATHER'S MOUNTAINS : A photo documentary about French Alps

Two years ago I discovered a mountain guide made by my grandfather. I want to follow his footsteps to get to know him.

Project visual IN MY GRAND-FATHER'S MOUNTAINS : A photo documentary about French Alps
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IN MY GRAND-FATHER'S MOUNTAINS : A photo documentary about French Alps

I am working on a photo reportage on the tracks of my grandfather. I recently discovered a binder that he spent 15 years of his life making, in which are gathered dozens of documents about the Haute-Savoie. So I was taken with the desire to update his work, to discover this region which meant so much to him and to get to know him through his passion. This project is part of an exhibition for the Royal University of Fine Arts in Den-Haag (KABK) in early 2022. About Me My position as an artist is stretched between digital art and connection to nature and my surrounding. Society is evolving fast and a world without technology is now unthinkable. I research the notion of internet as a motor of society and the tangibility of data: we grow with unlimited access to knowledge on a digitalized non-physical platform that was created only a few decades ago, how does this translate to the real world and what impact does it have on us ? As someone who grew up in this fast-paced technological society being able to disconnect and slow things down is very important; Part of my work has to do with our relation to nature and the sea, Being intrigued by those places where human doesn’t have complete control, I have always been drawn toward it and through my work I follow the footsteps of classical explorers in the form of diaries, traveling and meeting people with a simple photographic approach composed of portraits and snapshots of what I live. I am sitting between two parallel practices, one inspired by the history of photojournalism, creating travelling diaries and documenting the people that surrounds me, using photo as a tool to grant me access where I wouldn’t normally be. The other one experimenting with new technologies and using on-the-edge technical tools in creative ways they weren’t designed for.

Allocation of funds

With the amount collected I will cover the travel expenses, the improvement of my bivouac material, the purchase of photographic support (analog film) as well as the laboratory expenses. Si l'objectif est depassé j'utiliserais les fonds pour continuer ce projet sur le long terme afin d'en faire un livre.




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Your name will be displayed next to the final production during the exhibition.

Photo Print


  • 8 contributions
A 18x21cm print of one of the final photos of the project

Estimated delivery: January 2022



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A poster on photo paper in 80x93cm format signed.

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Exhibition printing


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One of the photos used in the exhibition (The photos sent will be chosen randomly).

Estimated delivery: February 2022

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