Rom Bak Battle: The FIRST Hip-Hop Dance battle in Cambodia where local dancers can test their levels by competing with international dancers.

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Rom Bak is the first Hip Hop competition/show (event) in Cambodia where local dancers can test their levels by competing with international dancers.

It was born in 2013,  created by Bboy Peanut (Massive Monkees), Vibol Lim (France) and B. Girl Melski (Australian Hip Hop dancer)  in this form well known in the world and for the 1st time in Cambodia:

- 2 disciplines of hip-hop dance

- a jury made up of recognized professionnals in the world of hip-hop dance

- a money prize and many gifts for the winners and the finalists

- a fundraising during the event for Tiny Toones Cambodia NGO

- FREE workshops for the Tiny Toones NGO's kids with the judges


This new project for this year of 2017 arose from the meeting of professional dancers and enthusiasts of urban dance, who wished to give a visibility to the Cambodian artistic scene and to its urban culture.


After organizing already 5 Rom Bak events, many people wanted more ! The Hip Hop performers and spectators were searching for a gathering in Phnom Penh that was Hip Hop like anywhere else around the world. 

The Rom Bak team and their partners want to put this event in another level, develop this event on a larger scale within the ASEAN countries, and to create vocations on a professional and artistic level.






Rom Bak will take place on SATURDAY 23 December at PONTOON, one of the biggest club in Cambodia, in the heart of Phnom Penh. Heaps of artistic performances will follow one another : breakdance, poppin’, rap and beatbox…

Pontoon has resourcefully pioneered the way in Cambodia with introducing Internationally renowned World Class live acts and DJs (Cut Killer, Grand Master Flash, Diplo, Daddy K...) to an eager Khmer audience who come to experience sights and sounds hitherto unheard and unseen in Cambodia. Managed by DJ ILLEST, the co-owner.


PONTOON: #80, street 172, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Dj Illest:




Many artistic performances will follow one another:

2 vs 2 of breakdance, all style dance, singers showcase, choreographic artist groups and local DJs will be honored during the event.

The main focus will be the « Battle » rounds, during which professional dancers and Hip Hop savvy will compete.


Rom Bak is foremost a time to gather people sharing the same passion.

The event features free entrances so that everyone can take part in this initiative.

Further than throwing artistic performances, we look forward to federate a strong Hip Hop community where everyone can step in regardless their social background.







The Rom Bak team gathers various folks all passionate about urban culture, with backgrounds in dance, music, or non profit and cultural project management.

Strenghten by their previous experiences, this team decided to collaborate and bring Rom Bak event to the next level, more professional, and useful for Cambodia.





Created in April 2017, this association took back the name of the event Rom Bak (which means Break Dance in Khmer - Roam Kbayk - with simplified spelling) to continue the movement. Its aim is to create a cultural link between France and South-East Asia via the urban culture and traditional arts in the field of live entertainment.



Vibol LIM:




Samuel Hak Sisowath (XL Sam):





Zakary Peang:






The Rom Bak Battle 2017 will have as JUDGES among the best French-Cambodian dancers:

- Samuel Hak Sisowath (Rom Bak)

- Zakary Peang (Rom Bak)

- Bboy Rotha (Pockemon Crew)


Bboy Rotha - Rotha Tuy:





With these energies, FREE workshops will be organized in the country for children at the Tiny Toones Cambodia NGO center in Phnom Penh.

To find out more about the NGO's actions: 


Tiny Toones Cambodia Facebook page


Donations will be collected for the NGO Tiny Toones Cambodia during the event.


In the future, the Rom Bak Association will bring other great international hip-hop personalities to Cambodia.







Cambodia is an emerging market  with strong social divisions, housing a lot of unpriviledged kids. Rom Bak aims at gathering young people around a fun and engaging medium such as urban dance, creating social ties between them regardless their social background.





Rom Bak participants come across various provinces, and have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills, showcase their talents, and open themselves new perspectives in this way





Our team has already organized 5 events with the support of Meta House (3 events), german cultural center located in Phnom Penh and the Slur Bar (2 events). This first step allowed us to confirm how eager people were to see this initiative growing, as the events gathered up to 43 dancers and around 70 spectators at Meta House and more than 300 spectators at the Slur Bar. The positive feedbacks received so far reinforced our will to keep growing this project.


Rom Bak Battle trailer by Nicolas Pollet (Dream Touch):


Rom Bak Battle trailer by Bboy TinMar (Youpi Crew)


KER (french rapper) showcase at Rom Bak Battle (february 2014, at Slur Bar), trailer by Nico Huvé:

Rom Bak Battle Facebook page


• Some dancers had the opportunity to assert their professionalismby taking part in local commercials.


• Some local social initiatives were able to take part in the previous events, and therefore gain visibility.


• Partnerships are being developed with venues and local mediawho already support our next event happening on December 23th. 





The Rom Bak team would like to thank the generous sponsors and friends who are already supporting this project. Our project has found partners who have decided to support us: Pontoon Group - Epic - Base Club / CP5 crew.

The Pontoon will host the next edition of the Rom Bak Battle on Saturday 23 December 2017. Many renowned dancers bring their support for the Rom Bak Battle through photos, videos and messages relaying the project around the world.


Numerous renowned dancers and music artists show their support to Rom Bak event through photos and videos, in order to spread the word about this project across the globe.


Icee & Fabrice (Juste Debout world champion 2013, Hip Hop category)


Bboy Big Jim (Daltons Posse):



Bboy JustRoc, Bboy Jason and Bboy Roy: 


Komlang Khmer (KLK): Papillon Bandana & KER




But YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT because you believe in our profect and our experience.

Help us and become one of our sponsors from today !


Allocation of funds


We’d like to take Rom Bak event to an upper level, make it more professional, and sustainable. In this regards, we’d need some funds to cover logistics, dancers rewards, and broadcasting fees.




- Dancers support (dancers reception + drinks and food) about 100eur  


- Ensure long-term communication (posters, flyers, stickers, social networks), as well as all expenses upstream of the event (administrative procedures and video equipment). About 500eur  


- Flight tickets and accommodation of the professional team (Samuel Hak Sisowath, Zakary Peang, Vibol LIM, Rotha Tuy) which will be the main source of spending, about 2500eur.  


- The money prize for the winners and finalists. There will be 2 disciplines, 2 vs 2:

Breakdance: 200eur winners, 100eur finalists

All Style (popping, hip-hop, locking, house, etc ...): 200eur winners, 100eur finalists  


- Local artists fees (DJ + speaker + showcase of artists + unforeseen) about 450eur    





- This will allow to increase the "money prize" for the dancers because they will be the ones who will do the show! The semi-finalists will also be able to get a price also.


Beyond the economic aspects, the hip-hop in the Cambodia does not have the same media place as it can have in France or in the United States. We participate above all to strengthen the image of a youth eager for gratitude and to prove that the talent goes much more far than the food aspect. We need (thanks to Kissbankers) to strengthen our structures and to be present as a sociocultural actor, capable of creating an unprecedented craze in the country and of developing an unpublished professional sector for the dance hip-hop in the Cambodia. 



To allow the Rom Bak Association to start its projects:

- To finance a festival planned in Paris in 2018 organized by the association Rom Bak around the urban and traditional culture of Southeast Asia.  


- Prepare the creation of the FIRST SOLO OF BBOY ROTHA which will be the first stone brought to a suite of artistic creation unpublished in France and in the world.  


- Organize another Rom Bak Battle next year even a Festival of urban culture on two days (with necessarily a more enriched artistic programming) in Cambodia and work on this event so that they can become an annual meeting. We can fill the high demand of the Cambodian youth follower of the culture hip-hop. It is possible that we can bring the winners of the previous edition in France to develop their dancing knowledge and favorize the exchanges with other artists.



The total amount of the crowdfunding will be transferred to the Rom Bak association's account.



BIG BIG thanks for ever to the first people who contributed to create the Rom Bak Battle and to all the people who follow this project since the beginning:


Bboy Peanut  

B.Girl Melski  

Adrienne Ravez  

Yohann Brizollier (Olympic Stars from Toulouse)  

Marc Ta  

Nicolas Huvé  

Nicolas Pollet (DreamTouch studio)  

Bboy TinMar (Youpi Crew)  

Jessica Sander (Tiny Toones Cambodia NGO's board member)


And of course all the dancers and the former members of the judges who participated in the previous events.  The first locations and their teams which welcomed our event since 2013 (Meta House, Slur Bar)

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