Danzar la Diversidad: KinesferaDanza Participa del Festival EigenArtig en Bremen

Help us to participate at EigenARTig, an international inclusive dance festival in Germany !

Project visual Danzar la Diversidad: KinesferaDanza Participa del Festival EigenArtig en Bremen
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Danzar la Diversidad: KinesferaDanza Participa del Festival EigenArtig en Bremen

Dancing for us has to do more with who one is than how high or long a leg can stretch for a jump or a step...



We have gone through a process of knowing who we are as a group, every time we get together, whether it is for rehearsal or training, we end up speaking about how we feel about the space we share, because it is a wonderful place to be.





We started this creative process by engaging with one another, looking at each other, and taking note on what this experiences showed us. Suddenly what we were doing was a reflection of what we would see happening on the outside.  As a group we have constructed a dance piece that has to do with something that is inherent to our societies these days, the violence, the judgement and the great distance we put between each other when we are on streets and public places.



As part of the dance community, we are happy to see that after 10 years, perception of the way we work is changing, not only us but also the people around us, and people who dedicate themselves to dance or any line of work that involves movement are more often interested in sharing space and work with us.



Credit : Alberto Távara


Now we have a chance to grow as a group and within the community of dancers that work with diversity as well.


Allocation of funds

This year we have been invited to participate in EigenArtig, an Inclusive Dance Festival in Bremen, Germany. You can learn more about it here!



EigenArtig Festival 2018



For us to be considered for this experience is already a gift because it tells us how important and huge this line of work is, and it gives us a sense of purpose to keep doing what we are doing and to share it more and more, hopefully and mostly within our much in need community.


So, this trip is our current project, and to make it happen we need support raising funds to pay for our plane tickets and the stay throughout the entire festival. (We want to soak up on the experience as much as possible!)



This year we have had the chance to present the piece we created "¿Y si el otro existe?" (And if others exist?) in different stages and places, and we will be doing it more starting February, all our coming presentations will be for fundraising as well!


We have a wonderful community that supports us, and we are sure we will accomplish our goal! 


Here is a video of the first presentation we did back in September

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