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Datarmine for all



Have you read the general terms of agreement of social networks?


Do you stay up-dated with the changes of privacy settings?


Have you published pictures of yourself or your children, talked about your employer, your teacher or what you like or hate?


At different levels we all confess a part of who we are to the internet. The problem is that the amount of information you and your friends leave about you will some day come back at you and define who you are, and that is kind of scary...especially in some countries.


Are you worried for your privacy and the one of your children?


We have created a free tool that helps you protect your privacy on social networks.


Are you worried for your freedom of speech?


We have designed a tool that allows you to communicate with the whole world discreetly and without censorship.


Whether you are a Journalist, an activist, a parent or just an average joe you can stay in control of your publications by choosing who is allowed to read them or not, but also by refusing the social network provider the possibility to save it on a server at the other end of the world.


In a way, the general idea is to prevent that from happening : 



The matter at hand here is the protection of your privacy in a world that is always more connected, by allowing you to enforce your "right to be forgotten".


In other words, enforcing your right not to leave indelible traces.


That's great, but how do you plan on doing that ?


Datarmine (Data are mine) is an internet browser extension that allows you to code (cypher to use the right word), the publications that you consider personal before sending them on social networks.


Only the people that you allow to decypher them (your real life friends, press contacts that you trust...) will be able to automaticaly read them.


This group of special contacts is managed through a plugin that you install on your browser and works on every social network. In a way its your private network within a network.


The advantages :


-You protect your privacy and personal data.

-You don't reveal who is allowed to read you to anyone.

-you don't have to be obsessed with keeping up with ever changing default privacy settings of the social networks you use (and risk missing an update)


Your publications are encrypted by a set of encryption keys (public and private AES 256 and RSA 512 keys for experts). Of course we can't ever access those keys ourselves (so we can sleep at night). Click here to know more. Click here to for further informations


From there, only the people you authorize to will be able to decypher your pulbication automaticaly, and will see our little green hat right next to it (just so that they know that it's a private publication that is not available to anyone).





But now, the question is, of course : what will all the others see?


That's where it becomes interesting : rather than simply displaying an encrypted message (so a succession of characters without any sens), we publish an "incentive".


Incentives are we we call "social recommandations with a high transformation rate"


Now is when you are probably starting to get scared. Don't worry, you have total control over what incentives are published to hide your protected publications. Not only do you choose who you advertise for (using your private space), you can also choose the exact words that appear every single time.


To start with, the only incentives available will be ones in favor of charities or social, art or sports associations.




And bam! just like that, your generous; helping out great people by offering them visibility while protecting your privacy.


But we know you can do even more!


Why is that?


Well because we're sure that you would not mind giving a little money to those charities it we were to give you some first.


Here is how it'll work : once you have published a certain number of incentives in favor of charities and associations, you gain the right to also advertise for private brands.


These partner brands will pay every time an incentive in their favor is clicked, and we will give you part of that revenue, provided that you share it with some of the charities we are trying to help out.


What we are offering you is basicaly to protect your privacy while helping out charities and earning some monney. Yes, it's kind of a "Robin hood" idea; and that's where the hat comes from.


We are currently in "phase 1" : we have already developped the whole part that protects your privacy and helps charities and associations. Advertising will come during phase 2.


About us:


Above all we are social business enthousiast entrpreneurs. We are also passionate about technology, and like most dreamers, we hope that we can in some way change the world.




We are partners with "internet sans frontière" an association that defends freedom on the internet and that will teach bloggers world wild how to use Datarmine. Sadly, sometimes information comes to a price, we are proud and helping out those that defend it. "Internet sans frontières" has been a huge support, and we want this campaign to also help them out.



So, to conclude : Datarmine is a free add-on that allows you to protect your privacy. You can use it only for this purpose, but depending on you motivations you can also help charities through publicity and income or earn money.




Allocation of funds

Of course, we do realize that we are facing a much bigger opponent (kind of a David and Goliath thing). So our only weapon here is the speed at which we will manage to create a community large enough to be taken into account.   


We obviously need financing, but also help with coding and product diffusion.


Concreetly, the funds we raise will help with two things :


Adapt the product for Firefox as quickly as possible. The money wil allows us to out-source the developpement. We estimate that it will take about 8 days of work, each one costing about 800€, which make a total price of 3200€. 


The second thing we want to finance is an information campaign to promote the importance of privacy and data protection to teens. We mostly want to shoot a clip showing celebrities explaining that despite being fond of social networks  they still protect their privacy.


Here is an exemple of a few examples of improvised clip :)



Ok, we're from Toulouse so we started with what's the easiest to get for us.


We also want to help "internet sans frontières"  with its work with bloggers and journalists.


Our objective is to help them up to 2000€ (travelling fees, shooting and editing of promotional campaigns on privacy.)


If we were to raise more than we ask for, the extra money would be assigned to those awareness campaigns.



Thanks for your attention, and don't hesitate to contact us. Please spread the word of what we are trying to, it's just as important as financing to us !

If you're a charity and like our project, please contact us ; we would be glad to help you out.

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