De nos grappes à vos verres

Our goal : to cultivate the land as well as enjoy an authentic, responsible and good glass of wine. Help us make it a reality.

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De nos grappes à vos verres


Update for 12 June 2015: We have the pleasure of announcing to you all that our first goal of purchasing the vinification equipment we need was reached a couple of days ago.

However, if you still wish to join our team of lovely participants, who have helped us up to this point, we have for you our second goal, which is to purchase the bottling material.

This will allow us to manage as conscientiously as possible the long road from vine to wine.

Un coin sur terre: From our grapes to your glass



Hello and welcome to “Our place on Earth”, otherwise known as “Un coin sur terre”. We invite you to share our excitement and enthusiasm in launching this project whose goal is not only to cultivate the land we love, but also the enjoyment of a "healthy" glass of wine (in more ways than one).



Our land ?




 The vineyard where we work is situated in the Languedoc region in France, in what is known as the “Petite Camargue” on the outskirts of a village called Vauvert. This project is the brainchild of a young winemaker, Edouard Sentex, and his wife, Lane, as well as numerous others who regularly contribute their skills and knowledge. The common objective these people share is the desire to respect and value the Earth as well as the richness of the history and people who work it.      


 Cultivating the vines in a way that preserves the ecosystem surrounding them is our highest priority. However, we would also like to bring a social, cultural, and pedagogical element to this process (work). To do that, we are starting an organization that will develop various aspects of this work in the community.                                                  


Our Philosophy ?




Organic agricultural practices are the practical and most logical choice for our vineyard. Our goal is to progressively implement Biodynamic methods along with the organic techniques and environment already in place. We aim to raise and cultivate the vines all while avoiding any and all unnecessary intervention.


We harvest every grape by hand followed by “soft” winemaking techniques. This type of vinification uses small containers, which are adapted for easy transportation, in place of heavy machinery. This means that the wine will have a minimal amount of human/chemical intervention (sulphites, industrially-produced yeast, etc.) and will be processed using natural, such as “floating” the wine by using only gravity. We believe that cultivating and making wine in this way will not only produce a quality wine, but one that is also authentic and environmentally responsible.                    



Our Team ?




He is a young winemaker, and she is an English teacher.

She is American, and he is French.

He loves her as well as the field of winemaking, and she loves him and his wine.

After 12 years in winemaking and travels all over the world, we decided a year ago to make Vauvert our permanent residence. Behind this project, though, are many people (family, friends and colleagues) who have helped and supported us along the way… They are, without a doubt, our biggest motivator.





They trust and support us:


L'airdie : Lending bank who is contributing to our project                   

L'Addearg : Agricultural association who advises and aids farmers

Coupd'pousses : Agricultural business incubator                               

Domaine Cabanis : Vineyard neighbor and partner                



Why Vauvert ?


Vauvert is the place where I first cultivated, harvested and produced my own wine in 2010.  Vauvert is also the place where Lane and I met one another. She was WWOOFing on a nearby vineyard (Domaine Cabanis) whose owner I had become very close friends with. This fellow winemaker invited me to dinner one winter evening, and the rest is history.


It was, therefore, obvious for us to return to this charming place that had marked our lives in such a strong way… a place with personality, history and hope. A land and soil which are so unique, sometimes wild, and offer an experience like no other. In short, an ideal place to make artisanal authentic wine.                                                                  


Our business plan :


We decided that this project should take root on land cultivated organically since 1984, at the same place where we met, Domaine Cabanis. Our parcel is composed of three hectares including two hectares, which currently have vines (one with Syrah and one with Mourvedre), as well as one naked hectare. The hectare of Mourvedre will be the focus for the first year, and the second year will be spent planting and cultivating Grenache on naked land. The neighboring Syrah will be added into the third year’s work.


In terms of the work involved in cultivating the vines, we have created an exchange partnership with Jean-Paul Cabanis. It is an official exchange of mechanical work, which he will complete throughout the seasons, and manual work, which we provide for him when the time comes. This agreement allows us to start working in the vines without already having invested in the necessary mechanic equipment as well as have regular interaction with Mr. Cabanis as a seasoned winemaker and the person who has invaluable skills and knowledge regarding this particular soil.


Our objective is to produce approximately 5000 bottles of 100% Mourvedre for the first two years (as the first year of planting the Grenache will not produce grapes) and then double that amount in the third year with the addition of the Syrah and the newly-planted Grenache.  



Allocation of funds

Why Crowdfunding ?


Un coin sur terre is, currently, seeing the light of day thanks to our friends and family, but also because of investment loans. However, the system of crowdfunding would allow us to open the channels of partnership and participation to those people near and far who are interested in contributing to a family-made business and wine.


The money we collect from this crowdfunding campaign will be invested in the physical equipment and material needed to produce the wine in the careful, natural and artisanal fashion we have in mind.  The winemaking will begin in the vineyard when the grape, taken from the vine by hand, is put directly into containers to begin the fermenting process.


Why ? 


The most important reason for choosing this particular system is linked to our drive to limit as much as possible the number of times the grapes/wine changes containers. This is based on the idea that the less we intervene in the vinification process, the less the grapes, and therefore the wine, will be subjected to stress and, thus, alterations.


During the vinification and, more specifically, the fermentation processes, a considerable number of necessary microorganisms act to transform the grapes. As we wish to allow these “actors”, already naturally present in the vineyard, the chance to do their work, we want to start the process as close as possible to the moment of harvest. Therefore, the wine vats, already full of freshly-harvested grapes, will be transported to the cellar/stockhouse where they wll be stored in the best possible conditions for fermentation and vinification.


How ?


Equipment / material investment : 6500 €


                                 Material summary



                            Vinification equipment






If we exceed the crowdfunding total foreseen?


We will invest that money in the bottling equipment necessary to finish the job : 3000 €

The funds we raise from this campaign will allow us the required equipment, as well as the freedom, to make our own decisions and be as conscientious as possible throughout our winemaking process.


                            Bottling summary equipment



                                    Bottling equipment





In conclusion


Your contribution to this campaign (in any measure) will be a significant motivator as well as one more chance for this project to succeed. It is our wish that your participation here will create a link between all of us that will last long after our fundraising is complete.


Thank you for taking the time to read this presentation about our blossoming business. We hope it was clear, easy to understand, and encouraged you to join us on this adventure. The concept of collective participation, in every sense of the phrase, has been a part of our business plan from the beginning, and it is for this reason that "crowdfunding" suits our project perfectly. If you would like more information, please follow the “FAQ” link below where you will, hopefully, find any answers you require. In the event that you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

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"YOU ARE PHENOMENAL" All the perks of "YOU ARE AMAZING" and that's the least we can say. You will also receive a case of 6 bottles of wine in addition to a personal invitation to the harvest festivities in the fall. Spend the morning graspin grapes and the afternoon stompin your feet to the music along with great food and wine... of course!
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