Debut CD

Finance the production of my first cd who will be distributed by the polish label DUX worldwide.

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Debut CD

Like many classical artists and ensembles I had the opportunity to record my first cd for a label who selected me but had to find sponsors to finance this project or finance it myself. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for example finance themself all the recordings they do for Deutsche Grammophon.


I had the support of 100 friends who paid to finance the recording that was made in the great concert hall of the Kielce Filharmonie in december. They will receive each a cd when it will be out, this way they actually just bough one by advance to support the project.


The Kielce Filharmonia




The Steinway Tuner




The program I recorded:


Mozart, Sonata k330

1. Allegro moderato listen

2. Andante cantabile

3. Allegretto listen


4. Chopin, Scherzo no.1 op.20

5. Chopin, Ballade no.1 op.23


6. Liszt, Vallee d'Oberman

7. Liszt, Hungarian rhapsody no.6


Listen to extracts:



Cd page on my website

Allocation of funds

Now I still have to find 4500 euro to produce 500 cd's that will be distributed in music shops of the whole world and send to magazines and radios.


The Great Hall of Kielce Filharmonia with the Steinway tuner and the Artistic director


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