Deep torrefaction & coffee shop

Give a hand too support the opening of " Deep " our roasting facility & coffee shop in the heart of Marseille

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Deep torrefaction & coffee shop

 What is " Deep "


Deep is a Roasting facility & Coffee Shop  where you will also be able to buy all our different coffee so you can enjoy a delicious cup at home and  all the equipment  you need to brew it  like a pro , on top of various limited merchandise on rotation at the shop 


In the coffee shop you will be able to  drink our rotating selection of specialty  coffee roasted on site in the back of the store on our trusted Probat 12 kg as well as indulge on our exclusive fresh vegan pastries 


You will also be able to buy all our coffee and the equipment  you need to brew at home like a pro , on top of various limited merchandise on rotation at the shop 


What  do we do exactly at "Deep"


At Deep in our roasting facility  , we want to be able to explore the wide variety of coffee around the world and take a very careful and detailed approach at roasting to deliver  and enhance the specific notes of each flavor profile  available to us and showcase the diversity of coffee terroir


The scope of  aromas  that  come from a well roasted batch of coffee are quit exceptional and we  are so exited to explore those possibilities with all of you !


In the  coffee shop we will serve you fresh brewed coffee on demand via various hand brew methods or our batch brew set up


Espresso drinks will be made on a La Marzocco PB   one of the references  in the industry


We will also be serving fresh vegan pastries , that we have been hard at work developing over   the past months on  countless hours of kitchen tests with our friends from Oh Faon  , but you can trust us it was well worth the effort ,  Deliciousness at it's best !



Our code of conduct :


- We Roast our coffee ourselves and source only the highest quality of green beans to do so


- We only use fresh and seasonal products in our pastries 


- We will always be there to educate on everything coffee related


- We want to create a community around our shop and create a lively hub for our neighborhood 


- We cater to professionals ( restaurants , coffee shops , companies , stores.. )  who need higher volume of coffee on daily basis , as well as the novice coffee explorer who wants to dive into the amazing world of coffee




Deep  is  getting ready to open at 15 rue Glandeves , in one the most emblematic and   trendiest neighborhood in Marseille. The actual location is situated in what used to be the old red light district , a street with a rich history that is now being redeveloped to accommodate  great new projects and we could not be happier to be at the forefront of that



Construction has began  to transform the location into a space  that reflects the vibe and identity  of Deep



In partnership with our very talented architect Audrey Faugloire   we worked hard at creating a unique , charismatic and comfortable space , as well as a strong visual identity with the London based Ourplacestudio


You can either come hang inside with us and indulge on the coffee aromas or take a seat on our bench outside and have a chat with our friendly community !


Who is behind Deep


Tony :  Coming from the music industry he spent most of his life  in the studio creating music or on tour around the globe performing , during all those years he fell addicted to coffee !! which led him to  train as a  barista and roaster out of pure passion  for the " dark gold " , at Deep you will either find him roasting in the back , serving coffee in the front or just chatting with you at the front of the shop about his last musical discovery  , the wave forecast for the next  surf session or just about anything as he is always eager to share and learn from people


Guillaume : The man behind the well loved " Green bear "  vegetarian  restaurants , one of the first person to push those ethos  in the city , he now runs 3 locations ( one being our neighbor in the street , Ho Yeah  !!!


He will work hard to always ensure the best service for all customers and being a coffee fanatic as well , if you are looking for him , don't waste your time running around town , he will more likely than not be at Deep


Davin :  You know  that person that everybody just loves ... well that is our man , and for good reasons !


Manager at Green bear restaurants , he knows how to run a shop and make everybody feel at home 


And too top this off he actually grew up on coffee farms in Burundi and is working on developing  partnerships to expand that country scene on a global scale , all the way from farm to you cup at Deep , that is how we roll !!

Allocation of funds



We've already invested all  of our savings and managed to secure funding from  banks to help us finance the biggest part of our project  . Between the build out and equipment we have spent over 100 000 euros already !


We personally spent countless days and sleepless nights working on this project to make it as perfect as possible ,taking multiple road trips for inspiration , attending conventions ,   multiple educational courses and obtaining world recognized certifications to enhance our skills


We are seeking with your help to raise 6000 € to allow us to upgrade our roasting machine from 5 to 12 kg , which will allow us to expand our client base and to spread our love for coffee even more !


If you believe in our project and we  are able to reach that first goal we will then aim to further develop our brand by creating a web vending site and buying equipment to allow us to have a catering branch


You want to know more about us ?


Drop us a line at


And follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get a sneak peak into our world 


How does this fundraising work ?


To help us open our coffee shop , roasting facility , click on "back this project". Each contribution even the tiniest is more than welcome and very helpful. With each donation comes a gift  ready for you to pick up at our shop that we specially prepared for you. ( we do not ship , only local pick up )


We are counting on you to share this page to your family, friends or anybody who loves coffee ... isn't that pretty much everybody ??

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