Fashion show in Paris (textile designer student)

Support a very creative and motivated student to participate in his very first fashion show in PARIS

Project visual Fashion show in Paris (textile designer student)
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Fashion show in Paris (textile designer student)

Paris Fashion Show - Edition 2019
I learned last weekend (May 18th) that I was selected to the fashion show of my school that will take place in Paris in November. I worked hard to propose and present the creation of 4 quality and original outfits for this project.
I will need your financial support so that I can continue this adventure by proposing quality achievements. The total sum is unfortunately too important for me to finance it by myself.
My name is Fabio, I am French-Brazilian, textile designer student and a freelance designer. I live in the French Southern Alps. I am very motivated and very serious person with a strong sensitivity towards animal and humanitarian causes. I worked in tourism for the same company from 2010 to 2018.


My journey :

It all began in Brazil
I left Brazil for New Zealand in 2005 when I was only 19 years old and by myself. I worked in hospitality, restaurants ... I was even an English / Portuguese interpreter for the Queenstown Courthouse and also volunteered for the Queenstown Citizens Advice Bureau.

Arrived in France
I arrived in 2009, I took French lessons during the first 4 years and obtained the C2 / C2 level on the TFI (French International Test).

First volunteer experience in France
I was a volunteer for a short time because of lack of time as a French / Portuguese interpreter for the ONG Planète Amazone located in Paris.

Back to studying
I took a webdesign classes in 2016 and created my own business. In that same year I became French Brazilian.

Specialization in textile design
I started my specialization in textile design and I finished it this year with the grade of 17,2 / 20.

Volunteering for WWF France
I have been volunteering at WWF France since 2018 (illustrations - French / Portuguese translator).

Towards a new professional adventure
In 2018 I quit my job to devote myself to my studies and to work as a full-time freelance designer.

Continue my studies
2019 - In June I plan to continue my studies in fashion accessories.

New volunteering projects in Brazil and elsewhere
This year I have some volunteer projects in progress with some ONGs in Brazil and elsewhere, considering the the difficulties Brazil has been facing this choice is important for me.

I thank you in advance for your support and your solidarity towards my project

Allocation of funds

The budget for this crowdfunding has already been established taking all aspects into account. Without your help my participation will be questioned and I will not be able to propose outfits with the expected quality for the fashion show

In case the total sum received is higher than expected I engage myself to make a donation to ONGs for the environment and animal protection.

The amount received by this crowdfunding will be used for:

- purchase of materials: fabrics, haberdashery in general
- the wages for my dressmaker
- travel to Paris for the purchase of materials
- traveling to Paris for the Fashion Show with my dressmaker, the volunteer model and myself
- accommodation in Paris in a very simple hotel with a minimum of comfort
- meal during the three days of preparation for the Fashion Show for my dressmaker, the volunteer model and myself

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