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Film Documentaire écologique au Japon - DEKIRU: C'est possible

Help us make the film "DEKIRU, It's Possible", a documentary about ecology and sustainability introducing to many alternatives in Japan.

Project visual Film Documentaire écologique au Japon - DEKIRU: C'est possible
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Film Documentaire écologique au Japon - DEKIRU: C'est possible

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For €5

A big Thank You ! You helped us create the film. Your name will be featured in the ending credits.
  • Backers: 15

For €10

A big Thank You, Your name will be featured in the ending credits. + You will get the poster of the movie (Only delivers in France) Thanks to you the film will exist !
  • Backers: 23
  • Delivery March 2018

For €25

DVD Pack ! A HUGE THANK YOU ! We will send you the DVD (Pocket made out of recycled cardboard (additional fees outside of EU) We hope that you'll like the film + Previous rewards
  • Backers: 115
  • Delivery March 2018

For €50

SOME GOOD JAPANESE TEA : You get 150g of Japanese tea Kyobancha from our partner Lorène Millet (Directly imported from a small farm located in Wazaka, region of Kyoto) (additional fees outside of EU) + DVD PACK and a BIG Thank You
  • Backers: 36
  • Delivery March 2018

For €80

MUSICAL JOURNEY PACK with the album of FRANCESCO AGNELLO, Hang player with some creations featured in the film + DVD PACK (additional fees outside of EU) Listen Here >>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79bP7_EJD8o With a lot of gratitude
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery March 2018

For €100

YOUR PERSONALIZED CALLIGRAPHY, (Only 50 available) (additional fees outside of EU) Your name or the word of your choice hand written by our friend Minoru, currently living in Japan + DVD PACK And an XXL THANK YOU !
  • Backers: 11
  • Availability: 39/50
  • Delivery March 2018

For €150

The SUPER PERSONALIZED PACK, signed DVD + signed poster + 150g of Japanese tea + the calligraphy of your choice (additional fees outside of EU) And as they say in Japanese : ARIGATOUGOZAIMASU !! (*Thank you)
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery March 2018

For €300

LET'S GROW PLANTS ! Several seeds from Japan + a surprise from Japan + SUPER PERSONALIZED PACK
  • Backers: 2
  • Delivery March 2018

For €500

LIMIITED EDITION - COLLECTOR PACK The calligraphy on SHIKISHI (Japanese traditional cardboard with golden edges) + MUSICAL JOURNEY PACK WITH SIGNED CD + LET'S GROW PLANTS PACK
  • Availability: 10/10
  • Delivery March 2018

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