Democrazies : A Frenchie inside Bernie Sanders campaign

How 2016 democratic failure happened, and what it teaches us for 2020. Let’s fund the translation of the book into English & reach more ppl

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Democrazies : A Frenchie inside Bernie Sanders campaign

In 2016, in a rather unexpected way, I had the opportunity to take part in Bernie Sanders' campaign as a full-time volunteer from Iowa in January to California in June. This book is a political road trip that brings you in that adventure inside the most unexpected and inspiring campaign of modern history. You will discover the innovations this campaign brought into politics, understand the failure of the democratic party in 2016 and be ready to understand the 2020 primary and general election. 

Were you shocked in November 2016 when Trump got elected President ?

Were you confused by the democratic primary and do you want to understand it next time ? 

Are you surprised that Sanders is running again and remains so popular ?

Would you like to discover another America, far from the racist and bigot stereotypes that Donald Trump embodies ? 

Then this book is for you ! 

That book mixes campaign chronicles, articles that explain specific points of the process, and interviews of experts met on the campaign trail. Thanks to that mix you will have an immersive, didactic & entertaining read.

Dive into the enthusiasm of Sanders insurgent campaign, discover that inspiring political figure, come and meet Americans you don’t see in the news, and understand the upsets and surprises of the primary process !

The author - Clement Pairot

I am a political activist. In January 2016, by chance I decided to come to Iowa and volunteer for Bernie Sanders. That campaign inspired me so much that I spent six months dedicating all my waking hours to it !


Allocation of funds

The Steps

We’ve already reached our first goal : €4,000 / $4,500 of fundraising to fund the French version of the book. It will be available in July. 

We’ve already reached our second goal : €8,000 / $9,000 of fundraising to fund the translation into English, available end of summer.

Now we need an additional $2,250 to cover the extra cost that requires the fact to print the book with high social & ecological standards.

1st step - €4,000 / $4,500 - French version in paper - REACHED !

2nd step - €8,000 / $9,000 - Translation in English & English version in e-book

The addtional $4,500 of that second step will cover the translation fees and the design of the e-book.

3rd step - €12,000 / $13,500 - English version in paper

The extra $4,500 of that third step will cover the printing & mailing of the paper version of the book in English.


Thank you for your support ! Feel the bern !

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