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Project visual DERNIER SOLEIL
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Last Sun is a feature-length fiction film, shot in Strasbourg (north-eastern France) with a small-but-mighty crew and a low-budget. With the shooting finished, we are now looking to finance the post-production of the movie (sound editing, color grading, subtitles in English,…) so we can give it the best possible distribution and visibility.

Allocation of funds

Somewhere in north-eastern France, Eric, a small-time dealer who calls his car home, refuses to accept Esteban, his 10-year-old autistic, mute son who is in the care of his uncle. One day the pattern of chronic neglect is brutally interrupted, when Esteban is kidnapped by two thugs. Distraught, Eric sets about raising the ransom. He goes on a twisted journey through the underworld to find the cash--and along the way discovers what it takes to be a father.

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