Des bisous de Hanoi

Dear KissKissBankBankers, Come to travel with us and help us to fund our art exhibition trough a postcard edition & many memories to share... Kisses from Hanoi

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Des bisous de Hanoi


Aidez-nous à mettre en place notre prochaine exposition photo et artistique

et suivez-nous sur le blog photo, la page facebook ou encore le blog où tout a commencé !...


...Dear KissKissBankBankers,


How do you do?

Everything's fine here!

It's been 2 years that we live in Hanoi

where it is not beautiful every day but

where we lived great experiences. :)

Her in fashion. Me in the design.


Unfortunately we are leaving soon for new adventures ...

That is why, before leaving, we wanted to make

few projects that are important for us

and wich we wanted to share with you :

An artistic and photographic exhibition,

a postcard collection

memories box

and a photo book.

Because it has been 2 years indeed

we dream in this city full of inspiration

which gives us "carte blanche" to every corner!


Choosing the postcard as the expression with you

allows us to tell you our story invite your into this journey...


Amateur photographers and compulsive urban safarists

we have all the matter to achieve these dreams...

Then help us and follow us because we will not let you rest.

These next 20 days will be very adventurous!


"Des bisous de Hanoi"

(kisses from Hanoi)


ChaCha & LouLou









* Postcards edition,  this is :

- A  luxury printing or an offset edition (if we reach more than 1000 copies ordered) on quality paper

- 15 different postcards scented with "Hanoi Old Quarter" perfume from Laurent Séverac, perfume master of Hanoi!

- Pictures chosen with you from our blog: That's why we invite you to like your favorite  pictures on our facebook page!! (forthcoming in the news feed)

- The facebook page with each story behind the picture

- Lots of memories to share

- Miles traveled > if we exceed our goal, we will send them around the world!

- And also lots of kisses ...




"LUCKY MONEYs" means :

- One lucky bill of 50,000 VND (vietnamese dong) Custom designed and handmade by LouLou (do not forget to send a picture to portrait and recommendations for small words / serial numbers ...)

- A beautiful scented red envelope

- And also a story : every year at vietnames new year's eve people offer these bills in a red holder to bring happyness and  prosperity but beware! ... Each ticket is an edition of new bills issued specifically for Têt (Vietnamese New Year)! Willing to offer one of them to a friend who had invited us for Têt, we decided to draw it because we could not find at banks! ... It was actually red envelopes we needed to buy! (hard law of expat's misunderstanding !)




* "Hanoi Box" is :

- Full surprises that we assure will be nice enough!

- More information to follow....

- And also lots of kisses!!!




* Photographic Edition:

- Pictures on medium canvas (40x40cm) or Poster deluxe photo paper édition (100cm for the bigger side max)

- Pictures choosen by you (according to disponibility) from the  blog :

- Signed, dated et numbered

- Limited edition of 30 copies


Every pictures from the blog were took with 2 plastic film camera : the HOLGA and the RECESKY ( 120 Film > squared ones and 135 Film > rectangle ones )


MAILING PACKAGE: EVERY MAIL FEES ARE ACCOUNTED IN DONATION on the base of a mail sent from Hanoi to Metropolitan France. For technical reasons, ALL POSTERS WILL BE SEND ROLLED!!! Every mail should arrive vefore the end of december... If any problems please contact us! :)





Because this project is also the opportunity to thank those with whom we share all these moments!

Firstly a big thank you to BATIK INTERNATIONAL wich allow us to live this adventure ;) and thank you to our parents and our family who have always supported us and also to all the Batik group we met here, to our fabulous roommate's and also to all our friends in France and Vietnam that have amused, excited, surprised, supported, and encouraged a lot ... thank you!




Allocation of funds

We developed this collect to fund:


+ Postcards edition (600 E for editing 15 offset postcards scented minimum 1000 copies)


+ The development of an exhibition (300 E minimum for photographic printinting and miscellaneous supplies and assistance for the artist who, after a month of preparation, will be performing during 2 weeks of exhibition).


+ Making of the famous "Hanoi box", beautiful memories boxes (which have no price!) handcrafted and selected with love which we will reveal the content at the end (otherwise it won't be a surprise !)


+ All taxes, fees, tickets, gratuities, souvenirs and pseudo / postal stamps from not mentioned administrations that have the kindness to ask :) (...!)


>>> Any additional donations will be used to implement a highly confidential book edition (which with you will be aware of;) photographic book "Hanoi Pop Culture".



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