Des Olonnais en action humanitaire

Qu'est-ce qu'1€ pour le sourire d'un enfant ? Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières ♥

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Des Olonnais en action humanitaire

<p>On the road for Europ&#39;Raid 2018!</p><p>Small streams make big rivers &hearts;</p><p>We are three Vend&eacute;en students of IST des Sables d&#39;Olonne</p><p>wishing to participate in the Europ Raid 2018.</p><p>Oc&eacute;ane, Marianna and Cyril</p><p>► The Europ Raid, what is it? ◄</p><p>It is a humanitarian and solidarity trip. It&#39;s a Raid around Europe, close to</p><p>10,000km across 20 countries in 23 days, in August 2018.</p><p>Each crew is responsible for carrying 100 kilos of school or sports equipment to an isolated school in Eastern Europe. Schoolbags, pencils, notebooks, sheets ... but also balloons and toys, all year long the crews must collect small school supplies new or in very good condition during the collection operations.</p><p>Hardware that they then load into their Peugeot 205 and</p><p>distribute to the children during the raid during solidarity actions.</p><p>The formed teams leave 3 obligatorily aboard a peugeot 205.</p><p>The teams must manage from A to Z: search for the budget, canvassing partners, find a peugeot 205, collect school materials, create an association ... it&#39;s a big project rather complicated to carry out, but we will do everything to succeed.</p><p>► A logo, a story ◄</p><p>It was only natural to choose a logo with a peugeot 205, our companion for the Europ&#39;Raid! But this Peugeot cartoon is rather special ...</p><p>Regarding the color, it is the one from which we come: the Vend&eacute;e is put forward, on a background that reminds our coast and our coastline. The beach, a place where we relax in between our class hours!</p><p>Living all three on the sector Olonnais, the choice of the name of our team was obvious!</p><p>A little word game with Olonne, giving in English the sound &quot;All on the road&quot;, being &quot;all on the road&quot;</p><p>Hope this brings us luck in our project!</p><p>► Presentation of the team ◄</p><p>We are all three students in Tourism at the Higher Institute of Tourism of Les Sables d&#39;Olonne.</p><p>&bull; Marianna, 23 years old. It manages the mechanical part of our Peugeot!</p><p>&bull; Cyril, 18 years old. He is mainly concerned with the relationship with the schools in order to collect school material to bring to the European countries.</p><p>&bull; Oc&eacute;ane, 19 years old. She manages the communication part, the association, and the approaches towards the sponsors.</p><p>► Our social networks ◄</p><p>Our facebook page: OLONN&#39;THE ROAD</p><p>Our Twitter account: @Olonn_theRoad</p><p>To reach us by email:</p><p>► The budget ◄</p><p>The total budget to participate in Europ&#39;Raid is estimated at 5000 &euro; for a crew of three for the 23 days of the adventure.</p><p>The crew gathers this budget by demarcating partner companies and communities, organizing charity actions or events, or collecting donations from family or friends.</p><p>► TODAY, where are we? ◄</p><p>We have our dear 4-wheeled accolyte, who will be doing a little beauty by the end of the month: the red and white will go to delight!<br />We also have more than 80kg of school material thanks to the exchanges we have with primary and middle schools.</p><p>But it&#39;s not enough to go all the way and make our project a reality ...</p><p>That&#39;s why we need you right now!</p><p>The small streams make the big rivers, let yourself embark on this adventure!</p><p>Thank you !</p><p>Oceane, Marianna &amp; Cyril,</p><p>The team &quot;Olonn&#39;the Road&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p><strong>L&#39;association percevra l&rsquo;int&eacute;gralit&eacute; de la collecte.</strong><br /><br />La collecte servira entre autre &agrave; payer les frais d&#39;inscriptions au raid.</p><p><strong><u>► Le budget ◄</u></strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Le budget total pour participer &agrave; l&#39;Europ&rsquo;Raid est estim&eacute; &agrave;&nbsp;<strong><em>5000&euro;</em>&nbsp;</strong>pour un &eacute;quipage de trois personnes pour les 23 jours de l&rsquo;aventure.&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src=";key=8b7d8dd6504d41af9a77662672aabc2a" /></p><p>L&rsquo;&eacute;quipage r&eacute;unit ce budget en d&eacute;marchant des entreprises et collectivit&eacute;s partenaires, en organisant des actions ou &eacute;v&eacute;nements caritatifs, ou en recueillant des dons aupr&egrave;s de la famille ou des amis.&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src=";key=8b7d8dd6504d41af9a77662672aabc2a" /><img width="100%" alt="" src=";key=8b7d8dd6504d41af9a77662672aabc2a" /><br /><strong>Les 300&euro; r&eacute;colt&eacute;s</strong> serviront &agrave; payer l&#39;inscription qui est la d&eacute;pense la plus importante aussi bien au niveau du co&ucirc;t qu&#39;en terme de timing : nous avons peu de temps ! <strong>Si la somme est d&eacute;pass&eacute;e</strong>, cela permettra toujours de financer l&#39;inscription qui a un co&ucirc;t total de 1600&euro; aujourd&#39;hui.&nbsp;<br /><br /><u><strong>Si la somme n&rsquo;est pas atteinte avant le temps imparti, vous serez rembours&eacute; !</strong></u></p>



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