Designers: the Freelance Nation !

Let's build together an innovative job marketplace for the world freelance creatives and designers !

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Designers: the Freelance Nation !

Let me tell you about Creative Professionals Worldwide, a project that's gonna have a great positive impact on a world community of human beings : the Creatives ! Graphic designers, web designers, developers, photographers, illustrators, architects, writers, industrial designers, scenographers, textile designers, communication consultants, social media experts, etc...


How ? By providing them with work and revenus ! That project is about designing an innovative job marketplace for freelance creatives: A website to efficiently connect freelance creatives to companies looking for professionals to design their communication tools.


A job marketplace in line with a new world that's already in motion: the world of freelance workers...the "Freelance Nation" !



« A job marketplace for Freelancers ? Nothing new. »


True: job marketplaces for Freelancers are nothing new. Some of you may even use them.


However, after 8 years working in the creative industry, I'm not convinced by those job marketplaces some of which serve our industry's interests badly.



« So what ?» A win-win disruptive project ! 


The job marketplace I'm talking about is based upon a community of 1000 Members, Freelancers as well as other creative experts, from 75 nationalities and 45 countries. A virtual but also a real community : in Paris, Sydney, Copenhagen and other cities around the world, Members from Creative Professionals Worldwide do meet and broaden their professional network !




That job marketplace is innovative, efficient and fair. Have a look by yourself :



You see ? Through that job marketplace:

1. the creatives will get more revenues:

- as Freelancers contracted by companies for job assignments

- as operational creative experts financially rewarded to assess applicants for the companies: that's truly innovative !

2. the companies will save time and money: who's best than an operational professional to judge of the ability of a peer to complete a job for a client? That's even more innovative !


When you support my project, not only do you support an entrepreneur, or a female entrepreneur for the most "girl-power"-minded ;-) But you support the whole world community of creative professionals ! Can't you hear that community call for your support ? Listen more carefully...



When you support my project, you're helping the world job market. You create economic growth and value ! In a word, you're fighting against the world crisis: in your way, you're becoming a SUPER HEROE !



You need more proofs that project is going to be successful?


Do you know that this year, 90% of the US- and EU-based companies will hire a Freelancer ? And that 1 worker in 3 will be hired online ? THIS is the "Freelance Nation" ! 


Need more proofs? Then listen to the following testimonials by Jean-Michel Ledru, Head of EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs, a start-up company incubator Creative Professionals Worldwide will be supported by for the upcoming 3 years. Also listen to Fabrice Marmousez, a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, both of them being experts in company creation and development.





Our world needs creativity and design: support the creatives, support our project of building a job marketplace for the creative industry ! So, are you gonna be part of that new world?






I wanted to say a SUPER BIIIIIIIG THANK YOU to the talented creative team from our Community that designed the videos you can see on this page:

- Paris-based French Architecture Photographer & Video Maker Antoine Huot

- Paris-based Italian Communication Consultant & Coach Attilio Cossu

- Paris-based Italian Scenographer & Costume Designer & Illustrator & Video Maker Enzo Iorio

- München-based German Graphic & Motion Designer Ev Henke

- Paris-based French Sound & Music Designer Nicolas Lordier @Ohmwork



Also a big thank you to the Freelancers of our Community that acted in the video you can see on this page:

Spanish Photographer & Graphic Designer Andrea Bravo, Chilean Graphic Designer Catalina Giron, French Space Designer David Durand, Australian Photographer Des Harris, Italian Scenographer & Costume Designer & Video Maker Enzo Iorio, French Copywriter & Communication Consultant Hélène Charbonnier, Swedish Architect Helene Lenartsson-Drouin, Typeface Designer Jean-Baptiste Levée, French Textile Designer Luc Besson, British Photographer Peter Winfield, French Photographer Pierre-Elie de Pibrac, French Photographer Sammy Georges, French Product Designer Sandra Biaggi.

Allocation of funds

The targeted 10 000€


Today, Creative Professionals Worldwide is a social network for the creative industry. It's a Community of 1 000 Members, Freelancers as well as other creative professionals, from 75 nationalities, based in 45 countries. A virtual but also a real Community : in Paris, Sydney, Copenhagen and various other cities around the world, our Members meet and broaden their professional network !


Today, Creative Professionals Worldwide is also a website : That website was built based upon an online platform that made it possible for me to create and manage a social network with the help of relevant community features.


However, those features are not fitted for a job marketplace. Objective of my crowdfunding campaign is to build my own website and offer our users the following features:

1. "job marketplace":

- Client Space where companies could follow their selection process properly

- Expert Space for a lean online voting process

- Automated application, voting and payment process

- Sophisticated Freelance profile page

- High standards of confidentiality levels

2. "social network", current features :

- Directory

- Forums

- InMail

- Chat 


So far, I've managed to collect €10 000 from my relatives and myself. Another €10 000 are missing to start building the new website as of this summer and hire 3 freelance creatives: 1 web designer, 1 developer, 1 integrator.



Over €10 000 ?


Should I manage to raise over €10 000 through that crowdfunding campaign, we could develop more features like a bank escrow where the client company would make a desposit corresponding to the budget of the freelance job assignment; that way, the assignment would be secured for the creative.



We need you to make that venture happen :-)

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