To the Iceshore (Destination banquise)

Suivez Vincent, navigateur breton, dans le périple qui l'emmena vivre un mois en solitaire sur la banquise du Groenland.

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To the Iceshore (Destination banquise)

I am Hugo Letellier, and I am the author of " To the iceshore" (Destination Banquise). "To the iceshore" is an illustrated album, mostly for childs, which will take you to the frozen coasts of Greenland. Discover the Vincent Grison's journey, a britton sailor, who went alone, during the summer of 2021, on the iceshore. He spent a whole month there, alongside polar bears, in this beautiful and fragile ice world. This expedition, the first of the Arctic Lab project still running, was followed from France by thousands of schoolboys and schoolgirls. It will now be told in this book : 22 pages, ink and watercolor. It tells the entire journey : the idea and fabrication of his ice canoe, both boat and house, the travel to Greenland and the iceshore, the discovery of this unique natural world... And his journey back to France. These illustrations, first exposed in a bookshop, were already meant, back then, to become a childbook. The second expedition of Arctic Lab, which will bring Vincent back on the ice, will take place in september, and is the perfect time to finally give life to the book. The book will be self-published : we will take care of every single step of the making, without any publishing house. This is why we need you : to create the book. If the support is great enough, we will rise our ambitions accordingly, and make it an even nicer object (hardcover, paper quality, new features...). We are working with a local printer, to stay coherent with the purpose of these expedition : ecological awareness. If Arctic Lab take you to the other side of the world, it is essential to us that is take you there with an minimum impact on the natural world. "Destination banquise (To the iceshore)", Arctic Lab and I need you to make this book real. Embark with us to the North Pole ! Destination banquise, Arctic Lab et moi-même avons besoin de vous pour donner vie à ce livre. Embarquez avec nous vers le Groenland !

Allocation of funds

Your support will mainly be use for this : - Creation of the mock-up - Printing as many copies as we can - Diffusion and promotion of the book If the support is important enough, it will also help us to this : - Printing the special gifts (totebags, postcards, posters...) - Enhance the quality of the book itself, see below : 1300€ : the book gets a hard cover. DONE ! 1400€ : every single supporter will receive a set of illustrated postcards, exclusive to the crowdfunding. DONE ! 1500€ : the book goes from a size of 2100x2625mm to a size of 2400x3000mm. DONE ! 1800€ : 2 bonus pages for the book, to talk even more about the arctic world ! 2000€ : I'll figure it out, your support is greater (and faster) than I thought ! Thank you !

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