The exhibition : Souls from 21th century. / The portfolio : 4 series, 17 images.


The project


In order to conclude my studies and obtain my bachelor of photography from the Ecole de Conde, I have to work on two different projects. The first is the realization of an exhibition and a written essay.


The second is the creation of a portfolio representing my work as a photographer.


Project 1 : The essay






"La photo-portrait est un champ clos de forces. Quatre imaginaires s’y croisent, s’y affrontent, s’y déforment. Devant l’objectif, je suis à la fois celui que je me crois, celui que je voudrais qu’on me croie, celui que le photographe me croit, et celui dont il se sert pour exhiber son art."


Roland Barthes




By making this portrait series with the wet plate collodion process*, I work on the place of an old, tangible photographic process in this numerical era; I question what it changes about the technique but also about the human point of view, between the model and the photographer or between the model and his own image.


In the end, this project will be an exhibition and a written essay.


The exhibition and the presentation of the written essay will be show to three professionals of photography, and the exhibition will be open to the public afterwards.



*  "In 1851, Frederick Scott Archer, an Englishman, discovered that collodion could be used as an alternative to egg white (albumen) on glass photographic plates. Collodion reduced the exposure time necessary for making an image. This method became known as the 'wet-plate collodion' or 'wet collodion' method. Collodion was relatively grainless and colorless, and allowed for one of the first high-quality duplication processes, also known as negatives. This process also produced positives, the ambrotype and the tintype (also known as ferrotype)." From Wikipedia







Project 2 : the portfolio



The portfolio will be printed in 30 x 40cm. It will be colour silver prints, homemade with RA4 process.    


There will be 4 series and 17 pictures in total.




3 images from my Oméga 3 series.






  4 images from my 1 087 series.





5 images from my Six secondes series.






5 images from my La Nature de l'Homme series.




All images : ©Léa L'Azou 2012-2013

Why fund it?

For the essay/exhibition, part of the collected money will be used to make 2 big fine art prints (120 x 80cm), they will be shown with the originals plates of the series. The prints will be framed with shadow boxes in black wood.


This part will also be used to print the essay, prepare and install the exhibition, etc...



Thanks to you, I will be able to propose my exhibition to galleries !







For the portfolio, the money will pay the equipment to do it. Because I want to control all steps of the portfolio making, I will do my color prints by myself. A big part of the equipment was nicely offered to me, but I need to buy consumer goods like paper, presentation box, etc... or professionals costs like business cards, website, etc...



As for the essay, after the degree, I will use the book to show my work to clients, galleries or photographers I would like to assist.




Each project will cost around 500€.


The whole money include the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank taxes.

Léa L'Azou / Zelda L'Azare

Léa L'Azou, 23 years old, passionate about photography since high school. She works with analog photography : large format, middle format, pinhole, polaroid, wet plate process, colour silver prints... She studies photography at the Ecoles de Condé in Paris and she is co-founder of Les Photographeuses studio with Isa Marcelli. (Picture ©Isa Marcelli)

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Where can I choose my reward picture ?

You just have to go to this link :

Choose your picture and send me a message via Kiss Kiss Bank Bank !

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Longue vie à Melle L'Azou !
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