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Today, DEVOTIONS, is a specialty coffee shop in Paris. The shop is located at 5 rue RAMEY, 75018.

We offer few single origin coffee bean and different methods of extractions. Also, we have a healthy food offer using seasonal products. Everything is fresh. DEVOTIONS guarentee you freshness and quality products.

DEVOTIONS, is a space where you'll be able to find advice from our skilled baristas in choosing your coffee beans for home use. We'll be able to grind your coffee within the method you'll be using: Drip coffee, Chemex, Aeropress, French press, Italian stove top... You'll be able to buy small coffee equiment too.

DEVOTIONS, it is also a proposal of Barista Workshops. You can take part in courses to discover the world of Coffee; Latte Art, espresso extraction, drip coffee methods for home use.

DEVOTIONS is one playlist a month on Spotify. Perfect to listen to us while walking the dog, brewing some coffee, doing your weekly run.




Today, DEVOTIONS is a coffee shop, it's true. But, more than that, it is a vision, a philosophy. Our project is to share our specialties with you. 

"More than good coffee, a lifestyle"

In the long term and in the best of all worlds, we want DEVOTIONS to become the benchmark in terms of specialty coffee with the creation of a brand combining coffee-design-lifestyle.

We are THOM & RID, co-founders of DEVOTIONS. We want to pass on our own expertises.

THOM, Barista for almost 9 years. I am a coffee expert and I have a sense of detail. I am bringing organization and knowledges to the project. My devotion: Coffee

RID, Professionnal Photographer. I am a traveller and curious. I am bringing the creativity to the project. My devotion: Photography



The project has already made good progress. The big works are done and we need you to make the concept even more concret and finalize it.

On this page, on the right, you will find all the contibutions that you can make to the project. Every contibution, even the smallest, will be welcome.

We thank you in advance.



The big works are done but the material and final touches to bring out DEVOTIONS identity remain to be worked out: awning, writings on the front window, ...

Here is how the pot will be composed:

Commission KissKissBankBank 9% = 270e

Material 51% = 1530e

Decor purchases 40% = 1200e  

Of course, the more the goal is exceeded, the stronger the identity will be. 😊

Allocation of funds


We wish you a big massive thank you! But not only...

Each contribution refers to a return from us; proportional return to the amount of your donation. Up to you.

We want as many of you as possible to come and discover the place. That’s why we don’t send gifts except the “monthly deliveries” of the 100e and 300e contributions.

We will contact you all when DEVOTIONS opens.

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Kiss Kiss


A big Thank You! for your help and our Homemade Granola recipe via email
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a HUGE Thank You and...

€25 drinks and cakes for 2 people
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a MASSIVE Thank You and...


...1 coffee bean bag (250g) + 1 DEVOTIONS tote bag or T-shirt
  • 10 backers

a DEEP Thank You and...


...1 coffee bean bag (250g) sent to you, every month, for 3 months AND 1 DEVOTIONS tote bag or T-shirt
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a MAGNIFICENT Thank You and...


... 1 LatteArt workshop for 2 people + 1 coffee bean bag (250g)
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a GIGANTIC Thank You and...


...1 coffee bean bag (250g) sent to you, every month, for 3 month + 1 DEVOTIONS tote bag or T-shirt + 1 Aeropress. The whole package!
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