"Digging Deeper" with Laura Llorens

Help Laura Llorens raise the funds to complete & release her new album "Digging Deeper" - including videos & the promoting of the album.

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"Digging Deeper" with Laura Llorens




After the joy of recording and releasing my first independently produced  LP "On the Way" in 2013, which was entirely made possible by you amazing kisskissbankers, I've decided to ask for your support in raising the finances to help support my new album called : 


Digging Deeper. 


Since "OTW", my life has been completely transformed through the birth of my two sons. It was an incredible time in my life and a true challenge for me to learn to become a mother. I had to set aside the stage for awhile in order to fully become a mommy. 


During this experience, I had a deep desire to write and since then 10 new songs have come to be... including the title track "Digging Deeper" : 



These songs have helped me to become a better artist and have allowed me to sing again about things like love, life, war and the media. Check out "TV is not reality" : 





The whole album was recorded in a country I never thought I would have the pleasure to travel to. Tallinn, Estonia is the home of Charlie Chastain, the producer and sound engineer of "Digging Deeper". He also produced "OTW".  Check out Charlie's web site  here  to know more about him. He has installed an amazing home studio in an old Soviet building and has made sure that the sounds creatively recorded there are whole and innovative. The musicians playing on this album are just as international as they were on the precedent coming from Brazil, France, Estonia and America. 


We are hoping for a digital release date in the course of February 2016 and a physical release date in early March 2016 !


There will be several mini-showcases organized during the course of this crowdfunding and you of course will be held up to date with pictures and videos along the way. Join me on my  Facebook fan page for even more updates! 


I am so looking forward to sharing this record with you and your words of support, feedback and presence on this journey is imperative for me! I can't wait to see how far we can go together!


So how deep are you willing to dig? Will you go there with me? Let's dig together.





Photos by Alfredo Salazar

Video by Morgan Eloy



Allocation of funds





Times are constantly changing in the music industry which is why I'm choosing to do this project independently through your financial support.


​Recording : 1100€

The entire album has already been recorded and about 2300€ has already been invested. In order to finalize the mixing and mastering stages, another 1100€ is needed to receive the master copy.


Pressing & SDRM : 2200€

I am a true fan of the real "record" in vinyl form and I want to adventure in the actual process of making and pressing actual records. I've decided to make a smaller quantity of CDs and a very limited edition of 100 copies of the album on vinyl which will be exclusively destined to the very first KissKissBankers. Also a part of this money will pay the SDRM here in France which is the fee for "mechanical reproduction", meaning the making of CDs and vinyl.


Musiciens Fees : 700€

When supporting my music, you are also supporting certain musicians that gave themselves, their time and their talent to this album during the recording sessions in Estonia during the month of October. 


Graphics : 200€

This is the sum demanded by my graphic designer who will make the album cover for CD and vinyl.


Music Videos : 3000€

This may seem like the steepest cost but it is true that any type of video making takes time and money. A music video for the first single of the album has already been filmed and 2,600€ have already been invested! The 3000€ that I am hoping to have will help finance the assembly of the "Digging Deeper" music video and finance another song video.


Promoting : 2000€

Promoting this album is indispensable and there is already a group of young professionals helps me with the organizing of concerts and also to help prepare for the release of "Digging Deeper" which is coming up so very fast. This amount will help me to pay for certain ads and to rent a venue here in Paris which will be just right for my music. Perhaps I willl even be able to start financing a tour through France in late spring! 



If we make it past the 10,000€ mark the money will be used in the video production and also to prepare some extra grabs for concerts! 


With your help all of this will become possible! 




My honest and sincere thanks for reading this far. Hope to see you soon, on the road or here in Paris!

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