Originally written in French and translated into Finnish and English, the "Dimanche sans / Sunday Without / Sunnuntai vailla" book-object consists of a mixture of translucent sheets and different types of paper with sequences of photos and text: a tactile and playful, yet poetic object with 124 pages, that can be read in a linear way or explored and leafed through randomly.


The project

Katso esittely suomeksi

"When a Sunday comes around, you will attach yourself to the sun and listen attentively to the dull tinkling in the air, the wind will carry you out to sea, blown along by the future. A song for all, a coffee just for you. Hold on.

And to the brutes, to all the insensitive people who smile, you will say: Move back. You’ll say it casually; move back you flies. And then you will hang on to the table, turning your back on them, with a touch that is as soft as the grip is strong, and that is how to protect yourself from dominical melancholy.

Hang on! Immediate boarding! Close your eyes and dream hard."


The book-object deals with Sundays, and especially with Sunday blues — indeed, it seems that more than a half of the people in western countries suffer from a special kind of anxiety or dread on Sundays — and the phenomenon called "Sunday syndrome" often gets worst on Sunday evenings.



The author of the book, Anuliina Savolainen, started her global Sunday project in Paris in the beginning of 2010. She has organized, together with l'Association Le Fond et La Forme, multidisciplinary happenings and workshops in Paris, on Sundays, dealing with the Sunday syndrome. At these events, artists from different backgrounds had the opportunity to perform, meet and interact: http://lefondetlaforme.net. Music, theater play, poetry reading, Sunday trading, projections, even knitting events have been part of the project. We will thank our contributors with some of the fruits of the global project, like the Dimanchettes and other surprises for "Sundays with"... (see examples).


This book-object also results from these encounters: Anuliina Savolainen met three other photographers, Jean-Christope Sartoris, Haner Pamukçu and Philippe Lesprit during the project. She started to compose with her texts and the images of the four of them, building a photo-text storyboard. The idea was that the images do not only illustrate the text, and the text does not try to explain the images; instead, they work together for a poetic cohesion, which creates an additional reading dimension. When the translucent sheets came into play, the idea of the "kaleidoscopic book-object" was born.



After a few broken table printers, damaged hard disks, lost negatives found under sofas and nights with glue and scissors, the book-object started to find its shape. Then the art director Maryline Robalo (Studio graphique sans nom & sans figure) added her magic touch to the typographical and graphical aspect of the book. Finally, after a trip to the book printing-house in Istanbul, "Dimanche Sans / Sunday without / Sunnuntai vailla" is ready, just waiting to be printed: 124 pages of which 32 translucent sheets, 35 photos, three chapters. That's where we need your help!


Credits: Conception, text, storyboard and photo editing: Anuliina Savolainen. Photos: Philippe Lesprit, Haner Pamucku, Jean-Christophe Sartoris, Anuliina Savolainen. Graphic design and typography: Studio sans nom & sans figure _ Maryline Robalo. Translation into English: Julia McLaren. Translation into Finnish: Anuliina Savolainen. Revision of French texts: Olivier Gallon and Philippe Thiphaine. Publishing consultation: Julie Séguinier (Le Fond et La Forme)


"Sundays without suprises, Sundays with no taste, with enormous people who pass by and leave their clouds of words lying around, a message that says : absolutely.

Do we have to see all these children, did we absolutely have to go out on any old pretext, to then find ourselves here, looking for them, smelling, digging, tickling the edges, and eggs, eggs everywhere? The potential of the omnipresent egg, no.

No not that way my little one, you got the wrong number and the wrong day.

You got the wrong age, wrong storm, it’s not the right war.

Let me repeat myself : long, grey Sundays, all efforts to hide are in vain, to find, to forget and they say ; careful, the margin is too near, you are too sharp, the egg is too round, but I won’t fall and as I didn’t ask for the surprise, I won’t have a surprise."

Why fund it?

The total cost of the printing process is 4500 Euros. The aim of our fundraising is to put together 2500 Euros, which would help us to:

1/ cover 50% of the printing costs: — size 15x15 — color printing — 92  pages printed on uncoated paper (170 gr), and 32 pages printed on translucent sheets — 500 copies in French, of which 250 with Finnish translation and 250 with English translation— hard cover with debossing — proofings — delivery

2/ organize an event-exhibition once the book comes out — in which all the contributors are invited

Le Fond et La Forme

Le Fond et la Forme est une association loi 1901. Son objet: mettre en place, développer, créer et diffuser des projets culturels réunissant des acteurs de domaines artistiques différents (photographie, littérature, graphisme…)

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Qui sont les auteurs du livre ?

ANULIINA SAVOLAINEN est une écrivaine, journaliste et photographe basée à Paris. Elle a travaillé sur plusieurs beaux livres en tant qu'auteur, photographe et/ou iconographe, notamment: "Mondo Pariisi", guide de voyage de Paris (Image Kustannus Oy, 2007 et 2012) ; "Dumari", biographie du chanteur Tuomari Nurmio (WSOY, 2010) ; "Finnish Design Yearbook 2006" (Design Forum Finland, 2006) ; "Toimistosta tuttu – Martela kuusikymmentä" (Martela Oyj, 2006) ; "Suomi soi 2 — 3". (Tammi, 2004—2005) ; "Boris" (Auto-édition+Tampereen yliopisto, 2003)
Côté presse, elle collabore avec des médias finlandaises, suédoises, françaises en tant que journaliste et photographe, notamment avec Helsingin Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat, Le Monde, Dagens Nyheter, Taide&Design, Be, Elle Finlande, Europalehti, L'Agence de presse finlandaise STT, Turun Sanomat, Apu, Anna, Suomen Kuvalehti, Immorama, Image, Gloria, Mondo, Blue Wings, Blue 1 Dream, Voima, Kaltio, Viini, Olivia, Ateneum, Trendi… www.anuliina.com

JEAN-CHRISTOPHE SARTORIS: "Après six albums musicaux, lassé de tous ces blips et glitches, je n'arrivais plus à rien, le trou noir absolu.
Je décidais alors en 2005 de me ressourcer et de me diriger vers les clics clacs photographiques. Mes clichés ont pour la plupart des couleurs saturées, le noir et blanc étant réservé à mon autre moi, beaucoup moins caractériel et charismatique.
Techniquement je pense être beaucoup moins sectaire puisque tout procédé me convient : numérique, argentique, aléatoire et instantanés.
Mes thèmes actuels concernent le tout, le rien et principalement le vide ainsi que la nostalgie au travers d'images que j'aimerais avoir comme souvenirs.
Je souhaiterais également témoigner de ces déserts d'humanité qui peuvent parfois nous entourer."

Expositions de JCS: 2012 "Charisma", festival MAP, Toulouse ; 2011 Exposition, Galerie Dix-Neuf, Angers 2010 ; Exposition collective, galerie DaireSanat, Istanbul ; 2009 Révélation 3, Le Comptoir général, Paris ; 2009 Exposition collective « Analog Photo day », Clermont-Ferrand Exposition collective à galerie Cube Blanc, Paris ; Exposition collective à Galerie Parisienne, Paris ; Exposition à la galerie Cube Blanc, Paris
Publications: 2010 Portfolio, Plateform Magazine (publication internet) ; 2009 Bulb Magazine - Issue 14 (publication internet) ; 2009 Light Leaks Magazine - Issue 14 ; 2009 F-Stop magazine - Issue 35 - Group exhibit (publication internet) ; 2008, Artiste du mois - Portfolio "Les cong' pay' " - photophiles.com (publication internet) Prix: 2009 2ème prix Concours Datacolor – « The colors of my life »
Son site: http://jcsartoris.com/

"Je n'ai pas de bio, ni de cv, je n'a pas de pièce d'identité, ni fiche d'état civil, ni carnet de famille. Je n'ai qu'un passeport qui va être périmé en septembre... il faut que je pense à le renouveler. On peut zapper le bio pour moi ? Je suis de souche quelqu'un de très organisé, mais on ne me laisse pas tranquille. "

...Il ne faut pas lui demander pour une biographie, allez plutôt voir ici: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60251248@N00,
ou ici: www.hanerpamukcu.com

PHILIPPE LESPRIT: philippe.lesprit.book.picturetank.com, www.philippelesprit.com

Newest comments

Venez nous rencontrer ce dimanche (le 16 décembre), dans la galerie PapelArt, à Paris, où un évènement "teasing" sera organisé avec un petit lot des livres envoyés en express. Les auteurs Anuliina Savolainen, Jean-Christophe Sartoris et Haner Pamukçu seront présents, et un coffret "édition spécial Dimanche sans Dimanche avec" y sera revelé. On y vendra également des Dimanchettes et des kits tricot et on vous offrira des bonnes brioches finlandaises. Signature "Dimanche sans / Sunday without / Sunnuntai vailla" Dimanche 16 décembre 2012 15:00—19:00 PapelArt, 1, rue Charlemagne, 75004 Paris, France https://www.facebook.com/events/358518347577464/?ref=ts&fref=ts http://papel-art.com/ For those of you currently in Paris, come and meet us this Sunday (December 16) at Galerie PapelArt, where a "teasing event" will be organized, with a small amount of books sent as express delivery. Come for a cup of tea and taste a real Finnish bun for free, chat with the authors Anuliina Savolainen, Jean-Christophe Sartoris and Haner Pamukçu. A "Sunday without Sunday with" Special Edition Box will be revealed and Dimanchettes + knitting kits will be sold. Book signing "Dimanche sans / Sunday without / Sunnuntai vailla" Sunday, 16 December 2012 15:00—19:00 PapelArt, 1, rue Charlemagne, 75004 Paris, France https://www.facebook.com/events/358518347577464/?ref=ts&fref=ts http://papel-art.com/
Chers tous, chères toutes. Je suis actuellement à Istanbul pour lancer l'impression du livre Dimanche sans, il va être imprimé très prochainement chez Ofset Yapımevi ! Merci de votre patience ! A très vite, Anuliina /// Dear all. I am currently in Istanbul to start the printing process of the Sunday without book, it will be printed at Ofset Yapımevi! To be continued... Thanks for your patience. Anuliina
Todella hienoa Anuliina etta projekti onnistui!! Odotan innolla kirjaa :) Pidetaan yhteytta! T. Minna Kokko