Doctor Flake - SIX (Nouvel ALBUM)

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Doctor Flake - SIX (Nouvel ALBUM)

"Hello, this is Doctor Flake, I have just finished new tracks which will soon be ready to be pressed and I need your financial support to make this new discography adventure happens!"




Jean Marie LEGER alias Doctor Flake is a French musician and beatmaker. The famous Lavoisier 's principle "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" becomes with Doctor Flake "Nothing is lost, everything is to be created so let's transform!"

For a dozen years, Flake has been using the audio inheritance  ( the music, the cinema, the radio, poetry, the environment) to find the samples and textures which will feed an unusual creative process. This Hip Hop reasoning based on sampling has always stimulated the artist and sealed the heart of his music: a dark, referenced downtempo in the general sense of the word, an alternation of instrumentals and sung or rapped pieces. 






SIX was composed with guitar player Yacine El Fath and is an electric and analog development of the experimentations started in the last album (Acchordance). Composed between August 2014 and June 2015, these nine singles are the result of an exchange when Doctor Flake  started proposing samples so that Yacine would send him back his own acoustic vision of each of them. This melodic and full of texture material was the starting point of each single before gradually giving a direction to the development of the structures and proposing them to Awon's (a Rapper from New York) and Black Sifichi's ( a French and New Yorker writer and singer) vocal talents.





2005 Intervention chirursicale - 2007 Paradis dirtyficiels - 2009 Minder surprises - 2011 Flake up - 2014 Acchordance - 2016 Six



2007 Escape lane - 2011 Swell line - 2012 Silver - 2013 Flake on wax #1 - 2013 Rock on 



2005 Dope Beat vol. 1 - 2007 Dope Beat vol. 2 - 2011 Nova classics 10 - 2014 Mood : Cocktail - 2015 Trip hop anthology

Allocation of funds

La collecte servira à financer le pressage de l'album au format vinyle 33 tours (1500 € pour 300 exemplaires)


Si votre soutien me permet de dépasser cet objectif, cela m'aidera à amortir les frais de production de l'album (mixage, mastering, réalisation graphique) et à financer sa sortie. (pressage au format digipack, vidéoclips, promotion)






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