Doggy, the contact free door opener

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Project visual Doggy, the contact free door opener
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Doggy, the contact free door opener

The project in two words :
The daily accessory to contact insecure surface: open door, press atm touch or open a bottle, bag hanger when you'are out.

Made out of copper, it has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.


Get it on your key ring and use it during your day and when going out !


The designer

Former engineer in aeronautic (my baby is the biggest one), I like design when objects are both practical, useful and attractive! 

With this project, it's my first test on crowdfunding platform and with direct link to consumer 

 Hope you'll appreciate my work and have further campaign ! 


The project:

Think during the covid lockout, I wanted a daily object to touch safely insecure (contaminated ?) surfaces.

From idea to prototype:

Different designs tested thanks to 3D printing at home (lockout !).





What you get:
- A big Thank You from us  !
- Your name on our funding page and in our heart !
- Doggy (presale).

We welcome your remarks and ideas to impose the product and create together other useful products !

Allocation of funds

The presale target is based on the breakeven quantity to have a reasonable sale price (below 10 €) from our actual provider.

With more sale, we can switch to better manufacturer, still based in Europe !

Your money will go for manufacturing, shipping and platform (KissKissBankBank).
We don't keep money: it's our contribution for fighting the covid.


Choose your reward

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Sponsor me !

A big thank you from us ! Your name will stay in our founding page and in our heart !

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One doggy delivered at your home
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  • Delivery October 2020

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Family Pack

Get 5 Doggy !
  • Delivery October 2020

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