Domus Bar Restaurant, a travel in time

Welcome Home... Domus a Bar for Travelers thirsty for something more. Beer. Wine. Fresh Rome Inspired Cuisine. Virtual Technology. Art. Music. Yo

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Domus Bar Restaurant, a travel in time

The story


Everything starts with a dream and mine began as an innocent spark in 2013 when I landed at 12 Bavastro Street to take pictures of boats and organize exhibitions. The endless sea and yacht life luxury stirred something in me.

When I took over to manage the premises, I created a photo studio with interactive gallery exhibitions, Musician jam sessions, Virtual video hang outs and Mental spa retreats where conversations stirred passions and dreams into action. I wanted this to be a cozy place where Art and Artists could thrive! A home. And life thrives when one feels at home with itself and its environment.




The place 


The place has changed faces several times just as we all do. Various artists locally and from around the world have come to play, shoot videos, take pictures or exhibit paintings.


Then, the idea of ​​opening a bar surfaced. Beer. Ales. Lagers. Stouts and Porters. Malts. Cream. Blonde. Amber. Brown. Dark Fruit. Golden. Honey. Pale. International. Domestic.


The passion grew stronger as did the idea. Beer. Wine. Intellectual and ephemeral exchanges. Laughter and Reflection. Virtual visual stimulation. Audio relaxation. And aromatic preparation for Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Rome in its finest hour. The possibilities were endless. The place is its own vortex as passersby are curiously drawn to the what and who of this space. And the neighborhood is bustling with Travelers near and far seeking a nearby hang or chill spot. It's located ideally behind the port, "the little swamp" of Nice as its affectionately called.


The "Bavastro Bar" was there before the hour! Here is where I'd nurse my dreams: Bar - Culinary - Events - Art - Travels - Technology. Since then we have had a baby girl. Now, only 2 months and baby, Nakita has turned my spark into a indistinguishable flame. Our torch burns bright for a better future. A better world where all can feel at home no matter where their feet may land. Thus Domus became the name. Inspired by her Father. Home. Domus is home in Latin and we hope to create that feeling and space for you.


The concept


Finally, here we are. Here you are. And we are ready! Domus Bar Restaurant.


What makes Domus so special, are the people. The proprietors, yes we're pretty cool people, lol. But, people make all the difference and each person that steps into our space curious about the world is apart of that alchemy. And the magic we'll create over a beer, wine, aperitif and meal of course. We will customize your event, an intimate evening or watch a virtual live concert from many of our Artist collaborators..


Oh and the recipes! Recipes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and the Culinary musings of Chef Apicius of the Roman Empire.The chef of Emperor Tiberius. 





Fresh... From the food, liquor, vibes, people, music, atmosphere, and Art installations.local products!




Themed evenings with Musicians from local and abroad: Arists photographers, painters, filmmakers and other creatives brimming with imagination and talent! Perhaps even you! Don't hesitate to submit your EPK, Social Media links, Profiles and any links to your work and how you'd like to collaborate with DOMUS BAR RESTAURANT for future events.


At Domus you travel - thanks to the beer (hopefully while seated, lol), thanks to the food, but also with live webcams projected on our walls that connect you instantly to the four corners of the world. One shot you are in Brazil. Another shot in Australia. Another shot on a beach in Martinique. And still another live in Chicago watching my dear friend International Artist Pearl BlackPearl.


Where we are now


We have already passed the mandatory hygiene training, obtained the operating license, made the requests of terrace (pre-granted, remains to finish the interior fitting out), remade the facade and electricity to standards, found a part Interior design, launched the manufacture of the bar counter ...



La façade fraichement repeinte



We are doing the tiling in the kitchen and the bathroom.



Support Art, Travel, Music, Dreams and become apart of our Nice family :)


Each monetary gift is a dream come true. Thank you in advance! This is a Home where Art can thrive! Because Art imitates life. Friends, neighbors, artists or curious dreamers be apart of a place you can call home. Pre-order a beer, a menu or a private evening... You will not be disappointed!


A big THANK YOU to all those confirmed for our Grand Opening who already have made Domus their new Nice Home!


Dj DaJobu, Dj Mike Panama, Nico, Luciefly, Iryna and Viewmaster, Justine and Robbie, and a special Chicago Connection with Pearl Black Pearl!







We need your HELP to raise the final 5,000€ Think of it as a Tip for a Dream Well Done:-D!



We encourage your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Because better is ALWAYS our goal!



Allocation of funds

As you can see, we have made tremendous progress and great use of our funds. I sold all my studio equipment and I don't regret it because there can be no dreams-come-true without sacrifice. We still have to buy the kitchen equipment and finish decorating. Then purchase inventory to stock the kitchen and Welcome You !!!


5000 € will assist us in purchasing some of the essential kitchen equipment: hot plates, fridge, worktop, kitchen sink, and we could do decorate with the help of friends, interior designers while preparing small appetizers and entrées to start.


If we exceed the target


To 7000 €


Would allow for greater inventory to be purchased, more diverse beer and other fresh food products, a dive and an oven.


To 9000 €


A refrigerated display case and a wine cellar.


To € 10,000 or more


A special kisskissbankers party just for you with a surprise live band and a full photo archive!

And our eternal gratitude!


Thank you all! From Reni, baby Nakita and Richard



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