Doolin’ - album anniversaire et humanitaire

Get involved in our album for the 170th anniversary of the Great Famine in Ireland to fight hunger with the Grameen CA foundation!

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Doolin’ - album anniversaire et humanitaire




With their 4th studio album featuring guest musicians from different countries, Doolin’ will celebrate 10 years of existence and the wonderful musical opportunities generated by the Irish emigration towards the United States over 170 years.


The 1845 Great Famine in Ireland had important cultural repercussions often unknown, especially on American music (bluegrass, country, folk, rock, pop …), it was also a major humanitarian disaster therefore Doolin' would like to contribute modestly in the fight against hunger by joining forces with the Grameen Credit Agricole foundation.


The proceeds of this album and tour will be donated to the foundation, the fruit of a partnership between Credit Agricole S.A. and Grameen Trust founded by the Pr. Muhammad Yunus (2006 Peace Nobel Prize) whose mission is to assist underprivileged people and help them get access to basic services(mortgages, savings, insurance…).




The release of the album is scheduled for St Patrick’s Day 17th March 2016.


Allocation of funds

The money will be used for the production of the album and to support a humanitarian project.


All proceeds gained from the first two years of album sales will be donated to the Grameen C.A. foundation to help agricultural development projects in Africa.


The more money raised, the more money donated to the foundation!



Of course, this collection will insure our financial contribution (40 000€) and therefore allow us to take the project to a higher level and reach a larger public.


Doolin’ have already started work on the album and will be going into the studio in December to record it.


For 5000 copies, the total projected budget is 50 000€ spread out as below:




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