Doorsfall - Nouvel EP

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Doorsfall - Nouvel EP

Hi everyone !


December 2013, « Journey of silhouette » was released and was like a fresh start for us. Our sound evolved into a mix of 90’s rock music, 80’s funk and modern electro. We were lucky to discover a new audience and play all around France with this record.


Last spring we got very happy to win the “Esprit Musique” national contest, thanks to “Le Fil” who selected us, a jury of professionals and also thanks to you who voted for us and gave us access to final victory!



Today we need you again, but in a different way.

No more doubts, we want to give everything to keep making music for the rest of our lives!

Releasing a new EP is the next step

We already worked a lot and gathered professional structures around us, but it’s not over yet, and despite a large personal investment, we are still short of resources.


And this is where you step in.


A new track and video will be out this September, the EP and a new video in November.


Participate to our Kkbb project and help up close the budget.

But this is not just giving and you can see it as pre-ordering our next EP and getting exclusive rewards.

There no small donation and each and every euro counts (you can give a lot more if you want to) and even just sharing and spreading the word everywhere to everybody is already a huge contribution.


© Haja

Allocation of funds

We already covered studio charges and everything related to our 1st video, and now…We’re broke !


Those 4000€ will help us with :


- Pressing cd’s, design work… // 1800€


- Promotion (flyers, posters, designs, social networks…) // 300€


- Produce merchandising, goodies, your rewards (stickers, badges, t-shirts…) // 400€


- Shooting the 2nd Video, essential part of a good CD release. // 3000€ ...


… No need to be math addicted to figure out that this makes more than 4000€ ! That’s why we really need to achieve this project and go even further, otherwise we would lose all your donations and this would have just been a total waste of time…

Every lack of money will be deducted from the 2nd video budget and you’ll agree that a video is always better when it’s beautiful.


Thanks a lot to everyone in advance ! Photo_promo_ok-1442516838

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Estimated delivery: November 2015

TOTAL PACKAGE - Signed EP + stickers + poster + badge + our last album “Journey of a Silhouette” + t-shirt (M/W, S-M-L-XL) + 2 concert tickets
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