Double-album "Murmures/Rumeurs"

Participate in the making of a new double-album "Murmures/Rumeurs".

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Double-album "Murmures/Rumeurs"

This year I'm releasing a new double-album called "Murmures/Rumeurs": 2 cds, 2 projets, one double-album. Artists are not always the best at talking about their own art, therefore I leave you with the words of Jacques Prouvost to present this new project: "Mystical, introspective, spiritual and then suddenly angry, exalted, heretical; the music of Tom Bourgeois has something solemn and pagan at the same time. Everything questions itself in this fascinating double album, which diverts us from a single way of thinking. Everything is delicate and contrasting. Nothing is ever completely black, never completely white. Nothing is ever just gray either. And Tom Bourgeois plays on this fragile balance. This double album is designed like a mirror: two bands, two discs, "Murmures" and its (almost) anagram "Rumeurs", where each title responds to its counterpart on the other side. We go from renaissance and baroque to jazz, from improvisation to chamber music, from hints of blues (or almost) to dislocated swing. We can have fun finding the common points or the differences on the two sides of this double disc, but the best thing is to let ourselves be carried away by the murmur - or the rumors - of these enigmatic musical stories. " Jacques Prouvost The double-album will be released at the end of March on the German label NeuklangRecords, it's our 3rd collaboration. The Belgian release will take place on the 9th of April at JazzStation in Brussels. You can already check the music out on Qobuz ou Spotify : Here's the complete team of this news project : Voice : Harcsa Veronika/ Loïs Le Van Tom Bourgeois : Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet & Composition Ruben Verbruggen : Baritone Sax Thomas Mayade : Trumpet Quinten de Craecker : Trombone Esinam Dogbaste : Flûte & Percussions Thibault Dille : Accordion Florent Jeunieaux : Guitar Dorian Dumont : Keys Victor Foulon : Double Bass Jelle van Giel : Drum We've been working with Philipp Heck since the beggining, our master sound-engineer.

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Paying the costs for making the albums, working with a press manager to share to project in Europe. (radios, journalists, press, ect ...)


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Pack Murmures "Everything"


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Pack Murmures "Everything": 2022 - Double-album "Murmures/Rumeurs". 2020 - Live album "StudioKonzert" (Vinyl). 2018 - Double-album "Murmures"

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I'll send you the mp3 of the double-album

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I'll send/give you a double-album

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2 double-albums

A double-album "Murmures/Rumeurs" and a vinyl "Studiokonzert".


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A double-album "Murmures/Rumeurs" and a vinyl "Studiokonzert" (2020).

Pack "Murmures" and other projects


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Un album "Solos" (2021) Un album "Moanin Birds" (2022) Un double-album "Murmures/Rumeurs"

5 double-albums "Murmures/Rumeurs" (Cds)


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You'll get all of my recent albums, and aswell some other albums were I'm playing with. You can ask me first wich groups, albums you wish to get ;)

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We'll play a private concert at your place (quartet), or you live in a castle and we're 12 musicians ;)

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