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Dracula's Pack

Juliette Louste Company is a recently established dance company in France which works multidisciplinary, by combining dance with live music, acting and visual arts.




             It's the same old dream... - 2012



Following the success of "It's the same old dream...", "Réalités Parallèles" and "Duodd, duoesn't it?", Juliette Louste, the director, is bringing international artists to Iceland for the creation of Dracula's Pack, the company's first big scale performance.

The occasion is to celebrate the power of collaborating with people from different countries and cultures. Artists from seven countries will create the show together in June and July 2016, in Tjarnarbíó Theatre in Reykjavik.

The project will be premiered in the end of June and be performed in the Icelandic never setting sunlight.





Why Iceland?


Since 2013, Juliette has worked several times in this atypical island, magic and unique in so many ways. There, she discovered Tjarnarbíó, in icelandic: the theatre over the pond; the independent theatre house in Iceland. It is probably the most Icelandic venue in the capital: magic and unique, with great dreams, a wish to open their house to international artists, and a huge attraction for new experiments and challenges. Always trying to create bridges in the artistic world around the planet, the Company has found in it an undeniable opportunity to collaborate and exchange.


Aware of the challenge of bringing such a project in Iceland, we then decided to contact all the other small venues of the capital to be able to perform almost everyday in Reykajvík, during the three weeks the team will be complete. Every night with a different show, every evening sharing and interacting with new artists, audiences and other elements, enjoying every moment to exchange languages, points of view, ideas, concerns, dreams and hopes.




             view from Tjarnarbíó theatre, Reykjavík



Dracula's Pack is conceived as a construction game in all aspects of its composition. 

The show starts when the audience enters the building and will be handed a question paper with multiple choices that will affect the whole performance, from the creation of the characters to the show's final moment, making each performance unique.




             Monk'ments, Doble Quartet - 2013



In parallel to the creation process, we will organize activities such as workshops, interventions, concerts, improvisations and happenings in the Tjarnarbio theatre in Reykjavik and other venues.



       DCode - BCN - 2011

   (interpretation: Juliette Louste - composition: Toni Vaquer)



Our vision is that Art is one of the most powerful weapons to make us connect with our true/inner-selves. People are the only hope to change the world. Therefore Art is one of the most powerful weapons to change the World.




Here are the artists involved in Dracula's Pack:


Director and Choreographer - Juliette Louste

Musical Director - Hjalti Steinn Sigurdarson

Technical Director - Valdimar Johansson

Set Designer - Victor Peralta

Costume Designer - René Boonekamp - Lemke Meijer

Visual Artist - Tomas Freyr Thorgeirsson

Production and Marketing - Hallfríður Þóra Tryggvadóttir

Director Assistant - Tura Gómez Coll

Actors - Arnþór Þórsteinsson - Bergdis Julia Johannsdottir - Kjartan Darri Kristjánsson - Daniel Thor Bjarnason

Dancers - Mirte Bogaert - Oscar Perez Romero - Tura Gómez Coll - Juliette Louste

Musicians - Toni Vaquer Grimalt - Iván González - Albert Cirera - Ramon Prats - Ingvi Rafn Björgvinsson - Hjalti Steinn Sigurdarson




             Duodd, duoesn't it? - 2016

Allocation of funds

Because of the company's recent establishment and international scale, the Dracula's Pack project has not succeeded in receiving all the expected funding to launch, but the group is not letting that stop the creation of the show. The world has never needed art as much as at this moment, and that is why we need your help!


We believe that Art is one of the most powerful weapons to make us connect with our true/inner-selves. Art is one of the most powerful weapons to change the World!

Every little stone will help drawing the way, as much as every single bit will help us to build this project!



Why help us?  

Because we believe in our project and all the artists involved.


Because it is the first step in the creation of a big and international version of Dracula's Pack that we hope to develop over the next years, and travel with throughout the world, reaching all of you.


Because we believe that the world needs this kind of project and the only way to make it happen is to work together.


Because we want you to see this performance.


Because we want to inspire you, open a discussion and exchange points of view.




             Vertebrats, Free Spirit Big Band - 2014

   (choreography: Juliette Louste - composition: Toni Vaquer)  




How Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fundraiser will be used:


       4 000 € - prop, set, costumes and rental of technical material

       5 000 € - flight tickets and accommodation for international artists coming to Iceland

       1 000 € - marketing, communication and promotion

          200 € - production fees

          800 € - Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fees



In the case that we would surpass the 11 000 €, we will be happy to destine all the extra money to remunerate all the artists participating in Dracula's Pack, since they all deserve much more than what we can offer for now.

In any case, all of the Juliette Louste Company sends you a warm thank you for your generosity!





             picture for poster of Dracula's Pack - Tomas Freyr Thorgeirsson  

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