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Hello my friends! I need your support to help me finance the recording of my new cd "Drum Love"! It will be the biggest cd project of my career.

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Drum Love Album

The project

In 2015 I began composing for a new album. I put togethor a new group called "The Funky Cherokees".  The music is very Funky. The Cherokee reference is because my great grandmother was full cherokee indian and I felt a strong need to include her spirit into this project.





In 2016 I began rehearsing the group and sharing the compositional ideas with. This group is unlike any I ever put together before. It will have a horn section that is an integral part of the music this time.  All of the musicians were carefully chosen not only for their great musicianship but also for the warm chemistry they bring. 





I have been touring the world as a freelance drummer for many years with well known Motown Artists such as The Four Tops, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas; Soul man - Sam Moore; Blues Artist - Eric Bibb, Popa Chubby, J.J. Milteau.. to name a few. And I have enjoyed and learned alot along the way.




I have also recorded a few solo cds over the years.  But because of being consistently called to tour with such great artists, I never had to time to focus on my group. This new album marks a new direction in my career. With this album I will place this music and group at the top of my  priority.  I might still play an occasional show or short tour as a freelance drummer.  However it will not happen at the expense of this new project.


This new album "Drum Love" marks  an important shift in my future.  This is why this cd is very important and special to me. And I would love to have you be a part of this historic changing moment in my career!


I appreciate any support you can possibly do. Thanks for helping me to spread some love and joy in this world.


Peace and blessings!



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Allocation of funds





These are the things and cost in order to realise this album project.


The studio - For the recording, mixing and mastering = 6,500 Euros

The total fees for all of the musicians = 4,100 euros (excluding myself)

Transportation  from Paris (train) to the studio in Stuttgart Germany for 4 people = approximately 320 Euros  Meals = 4 people ;3 days - 2 meals per day (15 euros per meal)= 360 Euros 

Hotel for 3 days; 4 people = approximately 75 Euros per night, per person x 4 =300 Euros x three nights = 900 Euros


Total for all expenses:  12,180


If I receive more than the amount I am asking for I will use it to :


make a video clip app: 2000 Euros or

to hire a promotion person =app 1500 Euros


As you can see this is not a cheap project. This is why I need your support.  I am able to fund half of the project from my own personal funds. And with your deeply appreciated help, it will cover the remaining cost.


I sincerely thank you for whatever contribution you can afford or would like to give! Any and all support is welcome from the smallest to the largest!


And if your situation doesn't currently allow for you to give anything, I would still appreciate your good wishes for this important project.


Peace and Blessings,





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