The music/dance/theatre group VON MAGNET is releasing a double DVD with a selection of original videos (live performances 1985/2013) + audio

Project visual DVD ANNIVERSAIRE VON MAGNET (1985/2013)
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After  27 years of existence, the cult group Von Magnet is about to release its very first DVD.

Issued from the post-industrial 80’s underground scene, Von Magnet has been known for their eccentric “Electro-flamenco” style. They produced a dozen of CD’s and created challenging theatrical concert-performances.


Scheduled for Autumn 2013 this exclusive deluxe Digipack double DVD (artwork signed by artist Servovalve and DVD authoring by Marcelo Valente) will present unpublished video archive material (live performances from 1987 to 2012) : El Sexo Sur-Realista, Computador, Electrorisks, Mezclador, Nuevas Cruzes, El Planeta, De L'Aimant, Neither Predator Nor Prey, Polarized...

+ audio bonuses as well as unreleased remixes (DEF, Norscq, 2kilos &More, Mimetic, Wild Shores, Sizzle, Jhon Blackfire...), memories and texts.



“Time calls for reformations or unexpected come-backs, but certain bands never stopped developing and pursuing their work. It is the case of this collective called Von Magnet, rare representative of the post-industrial scene. Since they launched their venture in 1985, the multidisciplinary troupe carried on digging their transversal groove in the soil of theatrical & musical electronics, fertilizing flamenco, cinematic sound, world music, dance performance..."

"Longueurs d'Ondes" Magazine Review September 2012




In  1987 in London, Von Magnet invents the “ElectroFlamenco”. Flore has just arrived from Andalusia bringing with her a flavour of Spanish “Movida”. Phil is taking Flamenco classes near Brixton with dancer Nuria Kurland who will later join the group. Somehow they are fans of Suicide, DAF, Joy Divison, Cabaret Voltaire & Kraftwerk. Helped by sound wizard Philipp Erb (keyboard player with Psychic T.V) in control of the first Emulator samplers, they shape together a strange fusion mixing their common and antipodean tastes. Will follow a studio production signed by Ken Thomas, legendary producer for the craziest post-industrial projects on the planet. "Genius never Dies", "The Magnet" & "I" become underground hits.  Their first album “El Sexo Sur-Realista” is a shock. With the arrival of saxophon/keyboard player Stocha, actress Samia Doukali, visual artists/performers Laurence Abraham & Erik Yaeger, the group writes its first multidisciplinary performance.

Attractions / Repulsions, Von Magnet is born and our history begins....

1987 ... "El Sexo Sur-Realista"  in the middle of an arena covered with sawdust and encircled by television screens.

1991 with the legendary "Computador" in an Amsterdam shipyard, the early Aéronef of Lille or a car factory in Asnières...

followed by the Berlin Komishe Oper with "Nuevas Cruzes", then  "Mezclador", "El Planeta", "De L'Aimant" et "Ni Prédateur Ni Proie"... 

2012 ... Von Magnet is in St Etienne, at "Le Fil" & "the Modern Art Museum" to shoot a video of their new show  "Polarized". 




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