Dysphasia Studio - [Web Series] FOLIE

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Dysphasia Studio - [Web Series] FOLIE

- We have a web series project that will be realize and broadcast for free on Youtube within the year and we need your help to realize it.The series will be based on dreams, and will be realized in a nightmarish and claustrophobic atmosphere. We have drawn our inspiration from several sources for the scenario, especially from Freddy – the claws of the nightt; which is closest to the "theme" of the series. Although the script is still in progress, we already have globally the main ideas of the series. We wholeheartedly hope to realize this project thanks to you.



- I am on the left hand side of the picture, I'm the one who writes these lines you're reading. My name is Yann, I'm fourteen and I have been living in Strasbourg for 4 years. I was born in Poland.

I have skills in :


*Infographics. I realize logos / banners / web sites for a small payment. Here are some of my logos :




The person on the right is Martin, he is fourteen too and he lives in Strasbourg too.

He has skills in:

* Acting

* Writing

We go to the same school.

We are both the conceivers of the project Folie.



- The story takes place in modern times and concentrates on one person. This person realizes some day that every physical injury affecting him in his dream will also affect him in his real life.


- First version of the opening credits:


- Below 3 photographs of the places of shooting.



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-If the money collected is superior to the amount necessary to make the web series, we will invest in a better quality setup like a Rode Videomic pro, a second lens and a zoom H2n in order to make a better quality web series.




Allocation of funds

-The funding will be used to buy: 

a canon 600D = 400 euro

a lens 50mm 1.8 = 90 euro

a Zoom H1 = 70 euro

a micro rode videomic = 100 euro


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