Dystopia is a work of fiction, a series of counter-utopian photographs that anticipate the changes in the French agricultural sphere. With the help of volunteer extras, we stage the transformation of agriculture under the effect of industrialization, urban sprawl, and a constantly evolving consumer behaviour. We seek to reflect what has not yet happened and condemn the excesses of society with humour. We need you ! To be able to complete the project successfully we need to raise enough funds to cover travel and production costs ! Thank you for supporting us !


The project

The end of every Winter in France is marked by the International Agricultural  Show, traditionally referred to as « the biggest farm in France ». This nostalgia for an everlasting countryside is actually part of a huge promotional campaign that disguises what French agriculture has truly become : a mechanical, motorized production line, excessively specialized, and that has long-forgotten the true foundations of agronomy ; an agricultural industry that mistreats the land, overexploits water resources and neglects the country's traditional livestock system. And for that matter, the rural population is melting like snow in the sun. The exhibition in March should be renamed “The Demise of Agriculture Fair”.

What has the original function of agriculture become ? This question is the starting point for this project.






French identity is strongly linked to the territory. The rural sphere such as we picture it is nothing but a cliché perpetuated in popular imagery, drawn from farming history and the nostalgia for a traditional countryside.

The perception of the countryside as a primitive Mother Earth, a property or a bucolic landscape is a façade that hides ecological, physical and social changes that affect the rural landscape and alter the nature of agricultural activity itself.


Dystopia is an imaginary country set at the end of the 21st century in France. Its characteristics are inherited from our time and from a certain economical and social model that tends to reduce agriculture to an industry like any other. This frame is used to imagine fictional scenarios that stage the future farmer in his working context. We are sometimes inspired by famous paintings. Every image is thought through, based on the place and a number of real facts that we attempt to clarify.




Thoses images are from the series "News from Gazhistan"


The project should culminate in a touring exhibition and the publication of a book in Winter 2013-2014.


Why fund it?

The budget required will essentially cover two months of production in the Spring of 2013:


car expenses, accommodation and meals for two (Alexa Brunet and Patrick Herman), in regions that are able to  illustrate the variety of agricultural landscapes in France : the Garonne (water retention basins, intensive corn production), Beauce (wheat fields) , Brittany (industrial livestock production), Poitou-Charente (wetland drainage), and Champagne (conventional vineyard). photographic supplies (medium format film 6x7) and developing.





Travel expenses for 2 months : 3000 € Accommodation and meals : 2000 € 100 colour medium format films : 500 €


TOTAL : 5 500 €


The budget does not include post-production : developing, postcard printing, exhibition production and book publication.

Alexa et Patrick

We are a team of two, formed by a journalist and a photographer. In 2011, we imagined a world, a fictional France in which shale gas would be exploited. This series is called “News from Gazhistan”. It has already been exhibited and published, and participates in raising general awareness of the environmental changes linked to our way of life. Today, we... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Quel est le budget détaillé de votre projet?

Pour plus de clarté voici le budget détaillé du projet dystopia dont la production sera lancée à partir du printemps 2013.


Hébergement et nourriture pour 30 jours à budgétiser : 2000 euros
Pour plus de simplicité le budget journalier pour Patrick et Alexa a été évalué à 33 euros par personne pour le logement et la nourriture. Nous considérons que sur les deux mois de voyage, toutes les nuitées ne se feront pas à l'hôtel et qu'il nous arrivera d'être aussi hébergés par les personnes qui participeront aux mises en scènes.

Déplacements : 2000 Euros (forfait par kilomètre 0,27 Euros)
Patrick vit en Aveyron et Alexa en Ardèche
Nous avons calculé une moyenne de 9 000 kilomètres entre l'Aveyron et l'Ardèche et les différentes destinations où auront lieu les photos (Garonne et Gers, plaine de la Beauce, Bretagne, Poitou-Charente, Champagne) et que nous rejoindrons durant 3 à 4 voyages différents entre le printemps et l'automne 2013.
Pellicules: 460 euros (100 pellicules format 120 de marque Fuji à 4,60 euros pièce)
Développements C41 à 5,40 euros pièce (tarif négatif plus)

total: 5 500 euros

Il reste à notre charge les tirages des planches contact, numérisations, cartes postales et tirages photos pour les kissbankers.

Newest comments

bravo pour ce projet. Une belle proposition de prolongement de "la vie moderne" de Depardon (trop classique) ou de "village planétaire" de La Draille (très webdoc) à une époque qui demande de se repencher sur ses paysans. Bravo.
bravo pour ce projet. Une belle proposition de prolongement de "la vie moderne" de Depardon (trop classique) ou de "village planétaire" de La Draille (très webdoc) à une époque qui demande de se repencher sur ses paysans. Bravo.
Bravo pour l'atteinte de l'objectif et à très vite pour les images :-)