A child that works on the street cleaning car windshields to help his familly but DREAMS of going to SCHOOL and become an urban music SINGER

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Première Caméra



"Esperanzas de Cartón" is a documentary that describes the life of Jeffrey, a 9 year old boy from the Dominican Republic who works on the streets of Santo Domingo cleaning car windshields. He's the 7th child among a poor family of 9 siblings who live in"Los Tres Brazos" a slum on the east side of Santo Domingo. 


Jeffrey has the responsibility of paying the rent and helps his mother financially. During the day he earns his living as an adult and at night he composes and sings "Dembow" Songs with his brother Junior.  His dream is to go to School and become a policeman to protect and help his mother but his most secret dream is to become an urban music singer! His life is so hard that he thinks that it is just a bad dream.


Director's Intentions:


With this documentary I want to tell a simple story of kids forced to be adults. I would like to show the courage of teens and preteens when they set up a goal. Jeffrey embodies that courage regardless of his young age, he bears the responsibility of supporting his mother and brothers. I want to capture the true emotions of those around his life.


"Esperanzas de Cartón" is a representation of our (Dominican) reality, a country where kids, teens and adults have to earn a living in the streets. Jeffrey is one of many children that earn a living cleaning car windshields in Santo Domingo, a reality that does not belong to the Dominican republic only, but to many Latin American nations, where youngsters have to fight every day for survival. This peculiar character of our society gives me inspiration and that's why I want to celebrate him with the making of this documentary. 


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Allocation of funds


I need a minimun investment of  6500 €  to be able to make this documentary.

The money will be used to cover pre-production and production expenses such as: 


•    A camera with a lens: 2000€ 

•    To rent some professional lights, some other lenses, microphones and also the gadgets for protecting the equipments: 1000€ 

•     2 hard drives: 200€

•     Ticket to Dominican Republic: 800 €

•    Additional professional people helping me out (Camera Man, Sound engineer, Production coordinator, Driver): 1000€

•    Food for the crew and main characters for every day of shooting (10 to 15 days) 500€

•    Transportation (Gasoline for onsite production day):  500€

•    To Register Jeffrey and his brothers songs:  500€


TOTAL: 6500 €


In case we obtain more money than expected we will  be able to pay:


•     Accommodation with agency fee  1500€ (1 month and half)


TOTAL: 8000 €


- And also be able to do the Post-Production of the movie:


•   Editing - 2000 €

•   color correction - 1000 €

•   Sound editing - 1000 €

•   Sound Mix- Original Music - 1000 €


TOTAL: 13000 €


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