ECHOES x PHONOGRAPHE CORP BRESIL : Le lien par la musique

ECHOES : Bonding through music. Experience the creation of a dialogue between Europe and Brazil.

Project visual ECHOES x PHONOGRAPHE CORP BRESIL : Le lien par la musique
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ECHOES x PHONOGRAPHE CORP BRESIL : Le lien par la musique







     Presentation of the project  





ECHOES invites you to discover the way music is able to create bonding, through a 4-month-long reportage. 


This bonding can take several forms. Either it is about the bonding between cultures and communities, or between generations and various artistic fields, ECHOES aims to explore multifarious possibilities of links made possible through music. 










    The expedition's destination





For this first edition, the project’s destination will be Brazil, a country with a wide musical culture.


Its richness is the result of none other than of its melting-pot, taking its source from a very particular triple heritage: Indian, European (mainly Portuguese) and African.








The aim is to explore the country through a particular lens, as well as to make it dialogue with European cultures.

It is also the opportunity to go off to explore new musical horizons, while deepening the investigation on music’s social impact on different communities. 








      The format





During three months - from March to July of 2015 -  ECHOES will capture the environments and perceptions of different individuals, communities, artists as well as organizations whose activities directly or indirectly contribute to the creation of bondings through music. Over the length and breadth of this period, you will be able to discover the experience by means of:



- Video episodes


Broadcasted episodes through which we will share our discoveries and encounters with you. We will invite these artists as well as communities to share their environments with you and we will intend to create a dialogue between them, in order for us to confront perceptions. Our will is to make sure you travel along with us, in order for you to be part of the experience.






In-between episodes, we will update you with our discoveries and experiences via articles as well as interviews, along with pictures and playlists.




Podcasts : Echoes Mix Series


Each week, the ECHOES mix series will widen our musical horizons through eclectic selections. It will be a chance to discover as well as to re-discover various artists through a particular « Brazilian fiber », while listening to their perception of the culture. Enlightened by some of Craig Ouar's selections, these artistic interventions will house several musical discoveries, much to the delight of our melomaniac souls. 











            Taking the project to the next level






*According to the amount of the funding, several projects also intend to be implemented:* 


Inter-cultural events

Experience the shared appreciation of a simultaneous Rio-Paris event. 


"A simultaneous event?"

An event takes places in Paris, another takes place in Rio. Both are simultaneously live broadcasted. 


So, basically :

- In Paris : We dance while live watching the event taking place in Rio

- In Rio : We dance while live watching the event taking place in Rio


And this is how we travel and meet a new culture just for a day or a night! 



A collaboration with a photography school located in a favela 

The idea would be to invite the children and students at the school to express their perception of music within their community through photography. 



As a result, exhibitions will be organized both in Rio and in Paris, in order to make the world know about their talent and glance, as well as to return them the amount collected from the selling of their prints. 








       The team






ECHOES is the result of a collaboration between Phonographe Corp and two girls who are passionate about photography, film-making and music: Marie de la Giraudière and Sofia Lambrou.







       Paris-based webzine and promotor.





Since more than four years now, Phonographe Corp engages in proposing quality musical contents and vouches for the widening of musical horizons.

Founded at the initiative of three passionate friends and currently composed of about ten or so volunteers, the association operates throughout France as well as in Europe.


Through both its venues as well as its webzine, the organization’s leitmotiv has always revolved around originality. This results in an unwavering will to work hand in hand with people, organizations as well as projects guided by similar passions and advocating values such as curiosity, as well as the pleasure of sharing and discovering together.



Discover the project on









       Nationality : Greek and Spanish

       Activity : Photographer and student in Corporate Strategy in Paris 





« Particularly passionate about music as well as about photography, both fields quickly appeared to me as genuine playgrounds in terms of expression and (re)questioning.


Thus, 'photographing music' and capturing the various interactions which are likely to result from it rapidly appeared to me as obvious subjects of study. As a result of my collaborations with several promotors, such Phonographe Corp, I therefore wished to deepen certain aspects of this study.

ECHOES is the fruit of this will and leads me to discover a new culture, while analyzing music from a different angle.


Besides, I have always strived to create synergies between both of my cultures. This is why ECHOES is also the opportunity to explore the idea of inter-cultural bonding. It is about investigating the possibility of a dialogue made possible through music. »




Some of her work : 










       Nationality : Française

       Activity : Journalist in Paris






"Freshly graduated from a school of journalism, specialized in video, I understood that video was my choice when I realized that we don’t need words if we have beautiful images and sounds, because they say it all for us. When so, all comments, all explanations are useless.  


ECHOES is the opportunity to discover a country and its culture through the capturing of images, environments and feelings of various individuals.

ECHOES is a chance live up to a teenage dream of mine : travel across the musical sphere, while doing my job."


Allocation of funds





This experience won't be possible without you! 


This is a reportage for and by you.

This is why we will show true devotion and already have partially financed the project.


But we still really need you. 





The funding will aim to finance the following elements:






1 Rig

1 Clip-on microphone

4 Complementary memory cards

2 Complementary external hard disks

1 Rotation tripod

4 Complementary batteries








- Local translator and intermediary

- Expensive internal traveling (in order for us to meet a tribe located in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest for example)








- Inter-cultural venues 

- Photo exhibitions of the children's work 





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