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Eco Sailing Project
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Saturday, July 19, 2014
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4 friends, a 1978 sailboat, a sporting and ecological adventure to promote sustainable mobility and environmental protection!

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Eco Sailing Project, voilier zéro-émission autour du monde

We are four longstanding friends, travel enthusiasts, passionate about the current environmental challenges and recently graduated from business and engineering schools. 


We decided to fulfill a common dream of adventure: sailing around the world, while minimizing our environmental impact! Departure scheduled for September 2014. 


If we wanted to discover the world, we also have a profound desire to share our environmental convictions.  


Thus, we set up this pioneering project: transforming a classic sailboat 1978 into an energy self-sufficient yacht able to circumnavigate the globe without a drop of fuel. Our motivation is to demonstrate the tremendous potential that green energy offer when they are associated with a change of behavior, a knowledgeable use of these natural resources. 


To this, add a total respect of the different principles of eco-navigation (a comprehensive ecological approach: equipment and products used, food, respect for ecosystems, etc.), the realisation of marine studies (scientific samples, electronic buoys deployment, observations of ecosystems) , and many awareness-raising actions.


Thus we chose to broadcast, throughout our journey, a fortnightly web-series combining navigation update, narrative of stopover areas, and presentation of on board and on land eco-friendly actions.   

In addition, our journey will be followed by many school and hospitalized children: a continuous link with the crew and educational activities will be implemented in order to discover the world’s fauna and flora and how to better protect it.   




After the trip: a documentary and a book, as well as many conferences to relate our adventure.



The boat: Amasia





Very different from series models typical of modern shipbuilding industry, Amasia is like an invitation to travel under the banner of sustainable development. Favouring stability and durability of the material over performance, it guarantees a significant safety to the crew.





The crew




Martin Delapalme - Captain

Martin was born in Paris but has spent every holiday in the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany. It was thus hard to resist the call of the sea. Great sportsman, Martin has sailed for years in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea. He is logically the captain of Amasia.

Experienced handyman, his knowledge of sailing allows him to lead the renovation of the boat in Brittany, and then to provide maintenance and repairs during the world tour.


Bérenger Laurent - Technical and Multimedia Manager

Berenger is a man of challenges. Two years ago, the idea of the sailing world tour germinated in his mind during a family cruise.

With a training background in engineering specialized in sustainable development, he has developed significant electrical skills. He is thus in charge of the transformation of the boat and will ensure the maintenance of electrical systems during the trip. Passionate about photo and video, he is also the Multimedia Manager.  


Pierre Laparre - Environmental Manager

Since childhood Pierre is fascinated by large sailing races. His grandfather introduced him very young to the boating world. His extensive experience at sea makes him the first mate on Amasia.

Business school graduate with a specialization in sustainable development, he is the Environmental Manager of the project. He for instance ensures the the respect of the principles of eco-navigation before and after departure, and is in charge of the pedagogic programs for children.


François Allemand - Partnerships Manager and Treasurer

Graduated from a Master Degree in Management, François has traveled extensively. After traveling many countries land side, he now has a deep desire to sail the oceans.  Quiet, thoughtful, his management skills make him the steward of this great adventure. Gastronome, he will also be the cook on board, a very important post for the morale of the crew, with a particular attention to the origin of the products used.


For more information about our project, visit our website:


You can also follow our news on our Facebook page: Eco Sailing Project



Details of the rewards:


A tree planted: you choose if your tree is planted in Senegal, in Peru or in India. You also have the choice, for each country, between several species with very different characteristics: mango and palm trees produce fruits for the villagers, zapote trees fight against desertification, mangrove trees protect coastlines from tsunamis, etc.  


Recycled sail toilet kits and bags: in partnership with Au Fil des Voiles, Eco Sailing Project launches its own recycled sail accessories brand! These products, in very limited edition, are unique as they are made by hand with the utmost care: lining, inside pockets, etc. Moreover, they are customizable according to our availability of material.


The DVD of the adventure: the documentary about the whole project from its preparation to the return to France, and many bonuses.


The Book of the adventure: gathering narratives of travel, of meetings, and of our actions in the world, all amply illustrated by drawings and photos.  


Day(s) aboard Amasia: Join us for a one-day or two-day trip at sea! Our crew will take care of your every need: meals, fishing, photo session, destinations ... according to your desires and weather conditions.

Allocation of funds

Our personal contribution (€ 44,000) and the support of private and public partners allow us to finance part of the adventure. We now need to go! Your support will help us:  


From 9,000 euros, the survival budget:


- Video equipment to share our adventures with you: waterproof cameras, SLR lens, memory cards, waterproof bag and anti-shock hard drives: 2,400 €  


- Satellite phone subscription: for the safety of the crew and to provide you with news and receive yout messages all over the world, at sea and on land: 1,200 €  


- Aid kit and vaccines: 600 €  


- A good health insurance: € 2,450  


- Crossing of the Panama Canal: 1,000 €  


- A GPS to replace our dying one: 550 €  


- Medical training for two of the sailors before departure: 800 €  


From 10,000 euros, the safety budget:


- Geolocation tag: you can follow our position on the globe day by day, and in case of problems rescue teams directly identify the location of our boat: 1,000 €  


From € 11 000, the relaxing budget:


- Subscription for our geolocation tag: 700 €  


- Fishing equipment: to impress you with our mad catches: 300 €  


All supplements will be used for the energy transformation of Amasia which is the biggest expenditure of the project.

Choose your reward

For €10 and more

A big kiss + your name listed on our website and Facebook page as official support + an invitation to the departure

Backers 18
Delivery July 2014

For €20 and more

A postcard from the stop of your choice OR a planted tree + first level (your name as official support, invitation to departure, a big kiss)

Backers 32
Delivery December 2014

For €30 and more

The official model boat to build yourself + 2 first levels (postcard or planted tree, your name as official support, invitation to departure, a big kiss)

Backers 12
Delivery July 2014

For €40 and more

The DVD of the adventure (the documentary and bonuses) + first level

Backers 12
Delivery May 2016

For €50 and more

A recycled sail toilet bag: unique, handmade and customizable + first level

Backers 30
Delivery September 2014
Availability 0/30

For €60 and more

You set us a challenge! + the Maxi Pack (DVD, model boat, postcard or planted tree, your name as official support, invitation to departure, a big kiss)

Backers 10
Delivery July 2014
Availability 0/10

For €90 and more

The travel book + 3 first levels (model boat, postcard or planted tree, your name as official support, invitation to departure, a big kiss)

Backers 10
Delivery May 2016

For €130 and more

A superb Navy 100%-wool blanket, 180 x 240 cm + the Maxi Pack (DVD, model boat, postcard or planted tree, your name as official support, invitation to departure, a big kiss)

Backers 3
Delivery July 2014
Availability 12/15

For €150 and more

An original copy of a painting/drawing by François + the Maxi Pack

Backers 6
Delivery May 2016
Availability 4/10

For €200 and more

A wonderful and unique handcrafted sailor bag made with recycled sail + 3 first stages

Backers 4
Delivery September 2014
Availability 1/5

For €200 and more

A sailor bag made with recycled sail: unique, handmade and customizable + the Maxi Pack

Backers 4
Delivery September 2014
Availability 1/5

For €300 and more

A wonderful overnight bag made with recycled sail + the Maxi Pack (DVD, model boat, postcard or planted tree, your name as official support, invitation to departure, a big kiss)

Backer 1
Delivery September 2014
Availability 1/2

For €350 and more

A day aboard Amasia with us (for 2 people) + the Maxi Pack

Backers 3
Delivery July 2014
Availability 5/8

For €400 and more

A large-framed printing of an artistic picture of the trip by Bérenger + the Maxi Pack

Backers 0
Delivery May 2016
Availability 5/5

For €500 and more

A deck lamp from the famous helicopter carrier Jeanne d'Arc, 1964 + the Maxi Pack

Backers 0
Delivery July 2014
Availability 5/5

For €700 and more

2 days and 1 night cruise aboard Amasia (for 2 persons) + the Maxi Pack

Backer 1
Delivery July 2014
Availability 3/4

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