EcoFormation - Help reforesting primeval forest in Madagascar ! - Aidez-nous à reboiser une ex-forêt primaire à Madagascar !

Contribute to the replanting of 1'000'000 trees to restore primeval forest in Madagascar and its unique ecosystem made of endemic species.

Project visual EcoFormation - Help reforesting primeval forest in Madagascar ! - Aidez-nous à reboiser une ex-forêt primaire à Madagascar !
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EcoFormation - Help reforesting primeval forest in Madagascar ! - Aidez-nous à reboiser une ex-forêt primaire à Madagascar !

Founded jointly in 2009 by two Swiss forestry engineers, Ecoformation has given itself the mission of reforesting a previous primeval forest on 7’200 hectares, working closely with 2’470 farmer’s families, which impact 21’500 inhabitants.




Why Madagascar?

The island natural resources have been extremely exploited since the 50’s. The forest, natural shelter to inestimable endemic species, has strongly suffered from this depletion. As a consequence, the forest covered area of the island that was of 87% in 1952, dramatically declined to 8% today.


The forest regulates the ecosystem and is therefore vital for the fauna as well as for the local populations.

The consequences of deforestation are:

·       Biodiversity impoverishment, eradication of some endemic species

·       Soil erosion, landslides, floods

·       Micro-climate change, ecosystems imbalance

·       Food security issues, complicates access to drinking water which leads to disease

·       Loss of income for the local population that increases social instability and vulnerability

·       Increased greenhouse gas effect by removing natural sequestration






(After, taken in 2012)


In order to mitigate these imbalances and to empower local populations to ensure sustainability, Ecoformation has created local organizations (cooperative or association) owned by farmers.


Allocation of funds

The project’s achievements so far:

Since 2010, EcoFormation has reforested an area of 2’000Ha, representing a bit less of a third of the global objective of 7’200Ha. Every year, about 1’600’000 seedlings are produced. EcoFormation train each year about 35 apprentices and has created so far 450 positions in a region where unemployment rates reaches about 67% of the population and the daily income is of 0,70 cts. per inhabitant.


If we reach the amount of 10'000 Euros we will be able to more than double our objectives and to reforest an area of 740 hectares during campaign 2015-2016 (in comparison, we reforested 340 in season 2014-2015).


- Beyond 10'000 Euros, for every 150 Euros collected, we will be able to hire two extra people (they work in pair) and buy enough seedlings to increase the capacity of planting.


-  With 11'000 Euros we can increase our team, hiring up to 14 additional people ! This will help us boost the planting with about +10% efficiency and to get to around 800 hectares planted !


- With 13'000 Euros we use 2'000 Euros to hire more people (2 people per 150 Euros)... and 1'000 Euros to rent an additional tractor and fuel (we have 3 tractors, 1 jeep and 2 trailers) for the duration of the planting season ! (800 hectares is a rather vast area... mobility is key for gaining extra efficiency)


- With 15'000 Euros we can keep on increasing our efficiency with a bigger team and more means - tractors, trailers, seedlings, fuel, food... With 15'000 Euros we have a good chance to reach 1'000 hectares which would be an absolutely amazing achievement ! 




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