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Eggo - Valhalla LP





At age 15, I was recording my first (shitty and half-baked) tracks, alone in my bedroom. At this time, I could not imagine how meaningful music will become to me. 12 years laters, that's still this passion which drives me everyday. 


My debut album will be released on September 2016, sold at free price, and self-produced on my label Iris recordings.  Today, I need your help more than ever to achieve this new step, I am sure that we can do it together. I hope you'll like this album as much I've put heart making it.





I like the idea of considering music as being close to literature, and especially to lyric poetry. All the more so as poetry has long retained close ties with music when it was still in its early age. “Lyricism” is basically what is found in my compositions: a subjective expression of my own feelings. In my opinion, the fact of giving more im- portance to “the Self” (“ego” in Latin) emphasizes spontaneity and makes art more expressive.


I draw those emotions which inspire me and play an important part in my music from the world that surrounds me, from things that reassure or torment me: nature, solitude, relationships, a singular place... I therefore interpret the inner voices that drive me on and transcribe them in a familiar mode of expression: rhythms and sound textures. 






Despite this tone of confidence, my music keeps an universal dimension in which the listener can empathize and recognize himself. Thus, according to the interpretations and personalities, a track never tells the same story twice, so well that everyone’s mind remain free. 






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Allocation of funds

The album has already been recorded. Now, it only needs to be mastered before being released.

I produce this album myself to retain artistic control, and I will distribute it for free via Bandcamp. Thus, this crowdfunding will help fund the masterings for the 11 tracks of the album, an essential step of the production process:


11  x  70 €  =  770 €


- What is it?

It's the final step of a track's audio fixation: Recordings, Mixing, Mastering.

It's the tack's finalisation, carried out by the sound engineer thanks to a combination of audio treatments. 


- Why do you need it? 

In unprocessed form, each track has its own sound texture and particular colour.

Mastering is about homogenize the whole thing to obtain a sound consistency.

Finally, a good mastering sublimate the sound, enhance the listening experience, whatever the audio system. 


If successful, 8% of the crowdfunding is owed to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank




The mastering studio: Rumble Sound Studio / Angers, France


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