We want to climb a big wall. 600m, 5 days, 4 climbers but 1 climber can use only her arms...


The project

So I decided to go for a crazy challenge but in my possibilities : Ascent the mythic El Capitan wall in the Yosemity National Park, Californie with 3 climbers.

It will take us 5 hard days on the wall to realise this amazing and unusual ascent. It will be the occasion to feel again the incredible moments made from climbing : the partie spirit, the joy of being entire physically and take much endorphine as possible ! Forget about handicap thanks to a smart system who allows me to climb « on my arms ». To enjoy the resta t the bivy and this nice feeling of liberty while in the wall…


My name is Vanessa François, from Belguim. I’ve always been browsing the Mont Blanc massif since I arrived 10 years ago. I realised the 1st female ascent of the route Manitua in the famous north face of the Grandes Jorasses. As well as many others wild and committed routes. Attracted by distant lands, I took part to several himalayen expeditions. Through... See more

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Avec un peu de retard mais toutes nos félicitations pour cet engagement et tous nos encouragements pour la réalisation ! Bises à tous et toutes Sylvain & Anne Tisserant
que ce chouette projet aille au bout et irradie le même enthousiasme que la bande annonce !
Bravo Vanessa toujours plus haut plus fort et plus loin. Tous mes vœux de bon accomplissement. Hugues