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She is me - short movie

<p>Even when I was little, I never missed the opportunity to tell the stories that I kept making up in my head.&nbsp;Standing on a chair in front of my more than ever attentives&nbsp;classmates, I started by describing up&nbsp;the sets and&nbsp;my characters.&nbsp;This passion for storytelling quickly turned into a passion for reading, writing and of course cinema. Even though the idea of one day directing a short or a feature&nbsp;film had remained a dream, it is now coming to fruition as I made the decision to integrate a high school of art and that, thanks to the support of&nbsp;my community on social networks, who made me&nbsp;felt able to manage such a project.&nbsp;So I adapted into script a text that I wrote a few months ago, winner of the creation competition of the M.J. Visinand Foundation and which is particularly dear to me, whether for the message of tolerance that he conveys or for his characters, Antoine and Tanguy.&nbsp;Two friends, perhaps two lovers, who discover each other&nbsp;and free themselves from the prison&nbsp;they have created themselves to finally become what they really are.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> I have therefore rallied to my cause some friends who, like me, are passionate about cinema and who will help me to carry out my project.<br /> <br /> Once the short film is made (filming will take place in October 2019), it will be published and accessible to anyone who would like to take advantage of it&mdash;as well as the original short film, for those who prefer reading.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>This funding would enable us to produce a short film worthy of our own expectations and to achieve a final result as close as possible to the film we dream of as young film enthusiasts.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /><br /> <br /> The money raised would allow us to use quality equipment, and to make filming conditions much more pleasant.&nbsp;Indeed, even if the highlight of this short film remains its content, the lights, the sets and the costumes are not to be neglected.&nbsp;The money raised would allow us to rent lighting equipment as well as other equipment and accessories (batteries, microphones, poles, memory cards...) as well as to finance travel expenses.&nbsp;The rest would obviously be used to pay the actors for their work as well as the meals of the entire team during the filming days.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p><br /> All donations will be immediately injected into the project and any surplus will be used to cover additional costs.</p>


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Un immense merci


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All ove the precedent counterpart and two invitations for the premiere.

Un immense merci


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Every donation count, thank you for your help :)

Un immense merci


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You'll have your name written in the credits and you'll be able to obtain the film in full HD

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