Embrasse-moi, marque responsable de fabrication française

Participate in the launch of a French-made clothing brand inspired by the art of seduction and couple wear !

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Embrasse-moi, marque responsable de fabrication française

Embrasse-moi is a brand from the city of Lyon in France. The design is composed of clean lines with a colorful touch. Embrasse-moi takes its inspiration from the art of seduction and couple wear.







The project started in South Korea during a University Exchange program. The popularity of the French know-how and fashion in Asia is what has given me the idea of creating a French-made clothing brand.


It is disappointing to notice that most of the French clothing brands manufacture their products abroad and keep benefiting from a good image based on local know-how.


This image is built around the charm represented by the country and the big names of the Fashion industry. An image even used by foreign companies that do not hesitate to use French connotations in their names such as the Japanese brand "comme des garçons" 



The second inspiration also comes from "the land of the morning calm". There, the couple wear is a trend. This concept consists in making the clothes of the couples fit to each other preserving masculinality and feminity of both genders.






The brand gives much attention on the quality of materials. Our first production is composed of T-shirts and Tops made of 100% cotton Jersey. The garments are very comfortable to wear and very resistant. Special care is also illustrated through details, for example, the work on the cuts, hems of T-shirts sewn or even woven lines on marinières and not printed on single-colored textiles. 











Every garment is delivered with two bracelets. One for the buyer + one to offer.


The brand relies on two main opportunities: 


- Awareness for local consumption in Europe

- The appeal for French products in Asia


Our objective is to be a conscious and ambitious brand. We plan to make our second collection from recycled materials and have an international vision from the beggining of our commercialization.



We did our first appearance at a creator's market in Lyon. It allowed us to have positive feedback on the brand and we hope to continue this adventure thanks to you.  








The prices are 29€ for the tanktops and 39€ for the T-shirts


We do not charge delivery fees in France. For any international delivery it will cost 5 € per garment.



10 colors available for each item





You will choose the color and the size after the payment process, as we will contact you by email.





The team is composed of 3 friends who have shared moments for three years and have shared the adventure of Embrasse-moi for a year and a half.  


Zacharie Jombart: Creator of the brand, he studies in Master 2 Management of International Business Development at IDRAC Lyon. He works primarily in relation with the designers for the realization of the brand's products, the manufacturing workshop and all partners.  


William Martial: Graduated with a Master of E-commerce and  multichannel strategies also at IDRAC Lyon, he takes care of animating social networks and the website of the brand.  


Mehdi Ammara: Graduated with a Bachelor of Euromed Management Marrakech, his role is to promote and develop the brand in France.  


After the fundraising campaign, we plan to add a stylist to the team.    


Our definition of a company


A profitable entity that the mission is not only about the money making but also creating jobs, satisfying consumer expectations and developing the local economy. Depending on its size, it can also share value with its stakeholders.




Our website: www.embrassemoi.fr

Allocation of funds

The crowdfunding campaign aims to launch the second production of the summer 2015 collection. 


The needs








Total needs: 4 968 €


If you are more generous... We will be able to start our project of a collection made from recycled materials. 


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